Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Random Tuesday

Ok.  Things have been off for me lately--spring colds suck!
So my Random this week is a bit of a time waster.  Or at least sites where you can waste time and have a laugh at the same time.
  1. People of Walmart This one just goes to show you that What Not to Wear should have no worries of ever running out of candidates for the show.
  2. Passive Aggressive Notes For those times when confrontation is just too much--leave a note!
  3. Awkward Family Photos The things people will do for a family photo amaze me.
  4. Cake Wrecks--much like real car wrecks it's hard to look away.
There that should be enough to keep you occupied.
In other random, we got like half an inch of rain yesterday.  This is amazing for us.  We usually don't get more than a tenth of an inch at a time.  A half an inch is like a months worth of precipitation.  This is going to be a wet spring.
We also have birds chirping outside.  It won't be spring until I see a robin, but we are getting closer.
Nick was kind enough to take care of dinner last night--Applebees was pretty good.  Not great, but OK.

OK, so there is not too much more floating around my brain today--there is just too much of the spring cold in there to think clearly, so that's it for the random.  Go see Stacy--she's still being a rebel about random Tuesday until Keely wants it back.


  1. I'm a fan of the People of Walmart and Awkward Family Photos sites, but haven't heard of the others - will definitely check them out!!

  2. Those are all great sites I frequent. Love them! Happy RTT.

  3. AFP is one of my fave websites! It never fails to crack me up!!

  4. Thanks for the link to Passive Aggressive Notes. Too funny!!!

    Happy Tuesday!!!

  5. Thanks for the sites, I'll be checking them out soon!

    Have a happy Tuesday!

  6. I was hoping you'd be feeling better by today! Hang-in-there! I will definitely have to check out those sites...I could use a good belly laugh!

  7. Alright, I had heard of all those websites before, EXCEPT Passive aggressive notes.
    Thanks for sharing...I feel another real time waster has been found in that site!

  8. Thanks for those links, they did keep me busy for a while, haha

    I especially liked the passive aggressive notes one.

    You can have some of our rain if you need it, it's been raining since Friday here!

  9. Cake wrecks always makes me laugh.

  10. Awkward family photos is my fave! And I love people of walmart, too. I'll have to check out the other two, thanks for the recommendations!

  11. I'm equally addicted to and horrified by Awkward Family Photos.

  12. RTT lives. I love Awkward Family Photos and People of Walmart. Will have to check out the others. Sorry to hear about your spring cold, we had a case breeze through last week. Luckily nothing major. Feel better soon.

  13. Awwwww! So sorry you have a spring cold - those are SO not fun. Thanks for the fun links, though, very entertaining! ;) Hope you feel better soon!! ((HUGZ!))

    Thanks so much for hanging in there with me and playing along as a rebel! :)

    RTT Rebel Week 4

  14. OMFG, People of Walmart is as scary as it is hilarious. I always see something there that just cannot be unseen.

    Spring colds suck hardcore. If they could DIAF, I would totally support that.

    Happy RTT (and feel better)!

  15. You listed my favorite time wasters! Happy RTT! Feel better soon.

  16. oh a trip to Walmart always boosts my self esteem. i am thank for for the website too...very funny and scary stuff!

  17. Uggghhh the rain. I have been loving the last couple days around here it has been beautiful but that damn rain is supposed to be back this weekend. BOOOO!

    ha ha ha I always love Wal-Mart & Awkward Family Photos. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with some people! LOL

  18. Thanks for the tips - the only one of these I knew about was People of Wal-Mart. I was reading your latest post and it's so true...sometimes we do invite people over just to force ourselves to clean the house! I thought we were alone in our shame :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have a shy streak too and blogging skips right over that.


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