Friday, April 1, 2011

Confessions on Friday


My confessions:
  • Every week I love linking up with Friday confessions.
  • Mostly because I get such great comments.
  • Each one makes me feel all happy inside.
  • I check back often to see if I have gotten new ones.
  • Yeah, I am a comment junkie.
  • Last night I dropped the curtains in the living room and became a dancing fool.
  • I rented Just Dance for the Wii to try it out.
  • We are all converts to the dancing side--even my hubby, who has no rhythm, had fun.
  • Turbo really liked it.
  • Today I'm somewhat sore but really want to dance again. 
  • I may have found a way to get some exercise in the evenings that's fun.
  • I've been a bad housekeeper this week.
  • The floors could almost use a haircut there's so much dog and cat fur on them.
  • There are clean dishes in the dishwasher I haven't put away.
  • From Wednesday night.
  • There are dirty dishes in the sink from yesterday.
  • I'm not even going to think about the bathrooms.
  • I guess this weekend is going to be clean time.
  • Unless something better comes along.
  • Please let something better come along.
So there you have it, my confessions for this week.  Go link at Glamazon and Mamarazzi's place and check out the other confessions.
PS:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMARAZZI!!!!  Hope 40 is good to you!!!


  1. I'm a comment junkie too. On Tuesdays I check right before I leave work then later that night to see if anyone else jumped on. :)

  2. With 5 dogs we always say the fur is our new carpeting. :P

    Navel gazing (watching the lint grow in your belly button) is better than cleaning. Just sayin'.

    I love these confessionals but keep forgetting to do one- maybe some week.

  3. My house is dirty and I have no plans on cleaning any time soon. It will wait!

    I draw the curtain when I work out too, there is no need for the neighbors to witness all of my jiggly parts in action!

  4. I think that is so great that your Hubby got in on the action too! My Mr. won't dance or play! Great confession and I agree I love comments too! Nothing like a little bloggy love to make your day

  5. Dirty dishes from yesterday?? I have dirty dishes from MONDAY!

    That's right, Monday.

    I used to love playing Dance Dance Revolution before my PS2 bit the dust. I'm so uncoordinated though, I felt ridiculous. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Loving the haircut confession!
    I had to trim our wood floors since my parents are coming in this weekend..

  7. my house and floors could use a good cleaning too! oh well... it's not the end of the world :)

  8. I think we ALL love comments! house could use a serious going-over, too. With it being on the market for 15 months now, I think I've sort of burned myself out. Enjoy your weekend!

  9. Just wanted you to know I just got a text from my mother in law telling me that my father in law fell for the "joke"...

    He's such a dork!! lol!!

  10. ooooooh we love Just Dance and Just Dance 2 at my house. I fight with the kids to get to play! :)
    When the big ones are at school the little one and I play each other. She beats me sometimes too, for real!

  11. haha, floor needs a haircut. I've been there! This spring heat wave is causing my dog to drop tons of fur everywhere!!

    I need to get Just Dance for the Wii. Sounds fun. Closing curtains is key or else the neighbors will think I'm having a seizure!

  12. I'm so relieved to read that I'm not the only one who's been a slacker this week with the cleaning.

    Thanks for stopping by ... have a great weekend!

  13. I am a comment junkie too, love them!
    My plans for the weekend: cleaning. Have a great weekend.

  14. I mailed your package today! Yay. And I've been a horrible house cleaner and the MIL is coming by tomorrow. Boo

  15. I have clothes on the guest bed that I folded a week ago. I'm just happy E hadn't gone in and "helped" me with them. ;) oh and dancing sounds fun!

  16. I love comments and I loathe emptying the dishwasher! Hoping something better comes along and you get no cleaning done!

  17. i hhad children so I wouldn't have to unload the dishwasher, lol

    I would love to try just dance, might have to rent it too

    Thanks for sharing

  18. I love Friday Confessional too and I love all the comments from people visiting via the link!

    Let's not talk about house work. I've been out of state. I'm super scared of how my hubby has been keeping the place "CLEAN".

  19. I just had to tell you... I got the dance game for the xbox kinect.. yeah. Don't do it when you're nursing a baby. Lol. will prohibit sudden movement, jumping, etc... you know, all the things that make exercise worthwhile. But its still fun!

  20. I don't dance, I convulse like I'm having an epileptic seizure. Seriously, I was at a nightclub one night and somebody called an ambulance. Ok, not really but they probably should have.

    Surprisingly enough, my house is still clean from when we cleaned it for inspections, though I do have a dishwasher full of clean dishes. My Midget has been at her 'father's' house though, so there's no one to throw trash all over the floor and leave dirty dishes and clothes in the bathroom. (Who eats cereal in the bathroom anyway???)

    Have a great Saturday night!

  21. Furry floors are the worst. I feel your pain.

  22. Did something better come along? How did you like the Dance wii thing?

  23. Oh my gosh I hate leaving uncleaned dishes in the sink. We live in Hubby's parents basement for the time being so I've turned our bathroom into a kitchen too. So I am always washing our dishes by hand right after we eat.


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