Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Confessions


Friday confession time.  This week I confess:
  • Last weekend I cleaned the shower
  • While I was taking a shower
  • What?
  • It's the easiest way to clean the shower and tub.
  • And it gives my hubby a thrill to think of me cleaning in the buff. 
  • I vlogged.
  • I was scared.
  • And figuring out how to get it all to work was not so easy.
  • I cheated with the pictures, but had enough trouble getting the first part to work.
  • But I did do it.
  • We need a new toaster.
  • But have you seen toasters these days?
  • Those things will do everything but butter it for you.
  • They're just a bit intimidating.
  • I really began to question my decision to have two kids at about 2:30am this morning.
  • I was up again with Bruiser.  
  • Neither one of us really slept last night.
  • I love him, just not as much at 2:30 am.
  • I love to read romance books.
  • Not all the time, but I do love me some good romance.
Now go see Mamarazzi and link up your confessions.


    1. I need a can opener like woah - but yikes...I get so engrossed in the kitchen section of the store and overwhelmed by all the stuff I DON'T have, it's scary.

      I think most people clean the shower when showering, right? I have a claw foot tub so I don't have this issue, but I think it's probably what I'd do if I needed to clean a shower, hmmm...

    2. Hi! Visiting from Mamarazzi. I clean the shower while taking a shower...why not?! LOL I have yet to vlog - I have a hard enough time getting the whole Skype thing to work with my parents - don't want to think about what it would take to get a vlog done! I hope Bruiser lets you sleep tonight.

    3. one of our confessions is pretty much the same - i thought they were supposed to sleep through the night by this age.

      good call on shower/cleaning.

    4. I have never thought of cleaning while showering. It makes sense! And I too do not love my child as much at 2:30am!

    5. OMH!! I so want one of those toaster that will make you a bagel sandwich! They like fry the egg and everything! But that's me I love gadgets. I could probably buy a new car with the money I have spent on crap from infomercials, and 9 times out of 10 they are crap. But, that 1 that is awesome makes it worth it.

    6. I clean the shower and tub too while I am in it. Makes it so much easier sometimes!

    7. I never thought to clean the shower while I was in it.
      Toasters are very intimidating. I always yell...I just want a basic toaster.

    8. I may or may not have cleaned the shower that way too, like you said it is the easiest way!

      I love to read too

      Thanks for sharing

    9. I always buy the cheapest toaster they have.

      Romance books are great!

      Happy Friday :)

    10. Toasters are weird. You are right. Also coffee pots are a bit scary. And for some odd reason 2:30 am is exactly when I start wondering why I had children. 'Cause I can gaurentee you if I'm awake then, it's their fault!

    11. I chuckled hard at you cleaning while taking a shower..I can say that I've never tried that before..I do however like to shower after I've cleaned it when it's all clean...I feel like i'd get cleaner all over my body!!

      Too funny.

    12. GENIUS. That's the only way I'm going to clean the tub from now on.

    13. Vlogging is scary! I hate it.

      A good romance novel is always perfect reading material!!!!

      I clean the shower while I'm in it too!

      Have a great weekend!!

    14. Cute confessional. I am glad that I am not the only one who cleans the shower while in the shower. It is the best way!

      Visiting from Mamarazzi's blog.

      ~Ricki Jill

    15. I haven't vlogged yet, but I'm thinking about it.

      Toasters these days are crazy complicated.

      Kids are much less lovable at 2:30 a.m. Hope he gets to sleeping better soon.

    16. The hubs ALWAYS cleans our shower while he's in the shower. I love him more for it :)

    17. I am just too lazy to clean the shower while I shower. I should though...cause it definitely needs a scrub!

      Toasters? My sister has one that makes eggs...and I believe bacon...which just kinda creeps me out. Mine makes toast.

    18. I question my decision to have kids too, but not necessarily at 2:30am...I also question it at 3pm, 9pm, whatever...But yes, I love them I gotta go check out your vlog! Can't wait!

    19. I'm gonna have to look at toasters next time I'm at a place that sells them.

      I have to admit (confess) to cleaning the shower while I was taking a shower before. Kinda killing two birds with one stone, right?

    20. I've totally cleaned the shower while in the shower before, actually quite a few times. Much easier that way, plus you don't get water running all up your arm & getting your shirt all wet.

      You did great on your VLOG, they are so intimidating, I totally have a panic attack doing them, well I don't know if it is exactly a panic attack but I do get all nervous & giddy.

    21. i always clean my shower while i am showering...actually before i get started...but yep, i be nekky!

      i am soooo glad you vlogged.

      next month will be easier now that you have done it once i promise.

    22. I totally need to clean my shower that way! You learn stuff everyday! ;)

    23. I am with you on the cleaning while showering thing ... It makes it sooo much easier ... never thought about dropping Doc a little email before I start to get him pondering the really important things at work ... LOL


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