Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Talk

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So last week we were all watching Blue Planet, Seas of Life on the animal planet.  The cuttle fish were mating and then the pipe fish did it to.   As we watched the animal action we got the question from Turbo that every parent dreads.
"Mom how come they are doing that?"
Both Nick and I looked at each other and decided to go with it.  Nick told Turbo that to make more cuttle fish and pipe fish you needed a mom and dad to provide an egg and a sperm.  once those met you got little fish.
Then Turbo said, "Oh, so they are--can I say it?"
"Say what?  Go ahead."
"Having sex.  Like you and mom did to have Reece."
"Yeah, they are.  But people only do that when they are in love and committed to each other."
Thank goodness he didn't ask for specifics of the mechanics for people.  Fish sex was about all I could handle for the evening. I'm hoping we did OK in letting him know enough to answer his questions and not letting him know too much about the whole process yet.  And without scaring him into never wanting to ask us about that kind of stuff again.
But then Nick and I were reminded of the scene in Singles where one of the main character's mother took him to the doctor for the "sex talk" and he got it all wrong and said spam came out when he was telling his friends later about what he "learned".

Now, let's just hope it's a while before Turbo has any more questions.  And I really hope Nick is around to help field them--he's way more calm about those sorts of things, I get just a bit flustered, OK a lot flustered.  And to think we get to do this all over again with Bruiser when he's older.


  1. man i feel for you I know my times a comin' I dunno how but Ive managed to make it almost 10 years with my little girl not asking. I know its not far out though either by her asking or me having to bring it up as she grows to a woman. Wish me luck with that!

  2. That monkey picture explains exactly how I feel about the Talk. :P

    You guys handled it just fine. Good job.

  3. I'm so glad we are well past that stage. (my daughter is 15 now)

    I'm also glad to be past the stage where once she knew all about it, that the mere mention of sex sent her practically screaming from the room!

    We're at a great stage now, where we can talk about it without embarassment or tears...unless it's the kind that come with hysterical laughter! LOL

  4. Pretty cute. I've been there, done that. We are way past it with one married and one about to be. But, when we were at that phase I also went to a bookstore and got a couple of age appropriate books for each gender so that if they were too embarrassed to ask more, they could look up answers to their questions. It worked out pretty well.

  5. oh no. i'm scared for those days. i think you did good.

  6. You did very well. If that was the end of the topic than great. He'll come back later, when he is older for the rest. At least you now know it's coming.

  7. Sounds like you did good. And yes I think it is good if it ones from us or they will learn it somewhere else.

  8. WOW...they learn younger and younger don't they?? I teach a class of 8 year olds at disturbs me that they all might know about sex......with so much awareness and young kids are still doing it! It's great that you guys can talk about it though, you don't want him to be naive about the subject!

  9. I remember 'the talk.' Awkward much? When my eldest daughter was 4 she walked in on my ex when he was in his underwear and she later told me he had poop in his pants. I then had to explain to her that it was his penis and she had this total horrified look on her face. She was just disgusted that men had those.

  10. I was on the receiving end of questions last night myself on how Sprite got out of my belly. She still seems to think I found her on the street, put her in my belly and then things get foggy..

  11. Sounds like you did a great job! Fish sex? Yuck.

  12. Is it sad that fish sex made me giggle? I must be more tired than I realize!

  13. Kids are soooo curious. It is so hard riding the line between telling them enough to halt the urge to ask more & telling them too much that they don't know what to do with all the info.

    My 3 yr old saw a friend changing her son's diaper the other day & like a week later asks me what boys have? I'm like huh??? Then she said you know, down there is different. So I say ohhhh on a boy that is a penis. Trying to act all non chalant about the whole thing. A few minutes later she BLURTS out Ohhh SO Daddy has a Penis then cuz he is a boy! Ummm yep he sure does! My 5 year old then says... Or you can call it a weiner too. Good Lord!!! My husband wanted to die. LOL.

  14. They catch on soooo quickly to things. It's always an awkward talk for sure!

    You did great!


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