Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rebel Random Tuesday

So let's really random it up this week.  Of course I try to random it up every week.
Let's go:

  • Bruiser loves to look at cats on the computer, or kitties as he calls them.  I've spent a lot of time looking at LOLcats recently.  I have to admit, I find some of them very funny.
  • When Nick and I need a laugh we go visit Damn You Autocorrect.  Some of them, you just can't help but laugh.  And really, Autocorrect is a perv.
  • Bruiser likes lolly pops.  He calls them suckers and he has a way of smacking on them that makes them sound so good.
  • And we had more bipolar weather this weekend.  Saturday we hit the mid 60s.  Sunday we had snow off and on all day.  And yesterday we dropped to 11 degrees in the morning then up to 33 by midday and tonight we should have another storm move in.  It sure makes getting dressed a challenge.
  • I am loving Just Dance for the Wii.  It's so much fun, I look forward to doing it--but man am I sore after.  I think I'm going to have to buy the game.  My body needs to do something and strangely, I can find time to do that but not "exercise".  Fun makes all the difference, I guess.
  • Today ARC (a thrift store) comes to take away some of our good reusable items today--namely clothing items that I don't need, clothes the kids can't wear and stuff like that.  It's so wonderful, they come and get them right off the front porch.  If we wanted to donate to the Salvation Army, which is right here in town, you have to show up when they are taking donations and if they don't want what you have to give they won't take it.  It is such a pain.  ARC is much nicer about it and the stuff just goes away.
I think that covers my random for the week.  Go see Stacy--she's keeping Random Tuesday alive until Keely wants it back.


    1. Whenever my day is getting hectic at work and feel crappy, I totally read damnyouautocorrect.com It ALWAYS makes me laugh.

    2. Hehe the girls know tons of sites to fritter away the day at- what can I say, my kids are overachievers.

      We don't have a thrift store like that we have to deliver and hope they want it.

      I think I need to get the Dance game, we love our Wii and don't have that one.

      Happy RTTR

    3. i love DYAC. awesomeness. I also enjoy lamebook.

      I LOVE my swap package and G has already ate 2 pieces of MY chocolate.

    4. I love Damn You Auto Correct too. hehe

      As much as I'm loathe to admit it, I do enjoy some of the LOLcats. *sigh*

      We had snow on Monday morning and I was so cursing Mother Nature. But, none of it accumulated, which is good. It's still cold though.

      I'm all about avoiding physical exercise as much as I can. I need to change that attitude.

      Love it when people come take my old junk. Also love shopping at ARC's Value Village for new junk. :D

      Happy Tuesday!

    5. Where I'm from we call them lollipops. Then I got married and they all call them suckers. I'm trying HARD to get the Kiddo to call them lollipops. I think it's working. :)

    6. Damn you autocorrect is hilarious except when the damn thing does it to you. I had to turn mine off because I think I was sexting and didn't even know it.

    7. I've been starting to exercise again. I'm using the Exercise On Demand channel through our cable provider. I have yet to find any dance workouts on there that I enjoy. I wish we had a Wii so I could try this Just Dance game that you keep raving about.

    8. We've been having some bipolar weather here, nasty thunderstorms and then beautiful weather followed by hormonal rain.

    9. Damn You Auto Correct = WIN!! :D
      Bipolar weather = weak sauce

      Happy RTT :)

    10. Just Dance rulez!...yeah...it's so good it earns the 'z'.

      Our 2.5-year-old loves it and beats us despite not following the moves on screen...he's a modern day Alfonso Ribeiro.

    11. kids + lolly pops = serious enjoyment!

      Damn You Autocorrect is hilarious. On my phone it totally pisses me off because it comes up with words that are not even words. I type in that & it does thday... WTH is that???

      I used to take my clothes to a place called FISH but now I usually just take them to Goodwill. Easy drop off makes all the difference in the world.


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