Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday-I'm not really with it yet

Well, last weekend Nick was getting over his cold.  Which, unbeknowst to me, he had generously shared with Bruiser and I.  So this last weekend I have essentially been a lump on the couch.  At least as much as a mom is allowed to be a lump on the couch.

Trying to breath while sleeping without the too clear nostril pain has been interesting.  It does not do much for the whole staying asleep thing.  Bruiser doing much better--a mild cough and bit of a stuffy nose.  Me--well lets just say that my sinuses hate me, I'm coughing and feel generally miserable.  I'm hoping that the virus is soon done having it way with me and moves on to other pastures--just please not Turbo.

On a lighter note, I won an Emealz subscription from Shell at Things I Can't Say.  It is going to be interesting to try meal planning.  I have tried, sort of half a$$ed, before.  But I've never been able to stick to it for any length of time.  So I'm looking forward to trying this one.  Thanks Shell!

And Easter is this coming weekend.  We were going to try to go camping, but the weather is just not going to cooperate with that plan.  So, instead, we are going to get the camper ready and then see if the Easter Bunny will come be generous with the boys.  We may get together with family and have a dinner--late, not lunch this year.

Now if I can kick this cold, and then catch up on the house (which totally went to pot this weekend) things will be much better. 

So how was your weekend?


  1. I can't believe Easter is next weekend - it seems like the month of April flew by, I just wish the weather would catch up.

    Your new theme seems to have gotten the message that spring is here!

    That emealz looks really interesting, I hope you post about what you think as you've been using it.

  2. Hope you feel better soon! We didn't do a whole lot this weekend either. I slept most of the day on Sunday, I was so tired.

  3. UGH, I FEEL YA ON THE COLD THING. Gotta go see the DR later today. I can't breathe it hurts so bad. Stupid allergies brought mine on. Good Ole west TX dirt storms mixed with all the smoke from these Fires. Crazy I thought moving from Colorado I had escaped the fires...Nope I think like 2/3 of the state has burned in the last month. Our Governor is petitioning the president to declare us a disaster area. Kinda scary really though cause most of our fire depts are volunteer and we've nearly run outta resources. Wow I got off a bit there...Any ways I feel ya hope ya get better ASAP!

  4. poor thing...colds can be so MISERABLE! Hope you're on the road to recovery soon! Abby and I had a girl's night out on Friday since my hubby was out of town...we had a ball! Went out for Chinese food and did a little can't go wrong with THAT!

  5. Hope you start to feel much better soon. I can't believe it is almost Easter, I still need to get stuff for the Easter baskets.

  6. Yeah, being sick and a mom means you get NO time to recover.. at least that's how it is at my house! You really only have 1 day total, ha! Poor thing!! Nothing sucks worse than feeling like a dragon and breathing fire air out of your mouth at night.. hope you feel better soon!! Congrats on your give away win!!

  7. The sickies have hit our house too but I am the only one that has been affected. Yuck! I hope you get to feeling better!

  8. I miss having young ones that the Easter Bunny can visit. Let's hope, you're feeling better to enjoy it.

  9. Feel better! And once you start using Emealz let us know what you think!!

  10. Uggghh sleeping with a stuffed nose is so not fun! I've been having the whole headcold thing all week. I am so over it!

    Easter is in a few days & I am not even close to being ready. Man, I better get a move on.

  11. Hope you feel better soon!
    What the heck is Emealz???
    I swear I feel so out of the loop lately...:)

  12. hope you feel better.

    i've tried to do the emealz before. i wasn't good at it.

    I NEED to meal plan. everyday is a "ill just pick something up"


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