Friday, April 8, 2011

I Confess...

It's Friday so it's time to confess it all.  Or at least those things that are bugging you.
So let's go:

  • I loved, loved, loved my package from Brandy.
  • I got great stuff and it was so much fun!
  • I've been lying to myself
  • These lies are--the elves will come and do the dishes while I sleep. 
  • The laundry fairy will come visit this week. 
  • The bathroom gnomes will make it spotless in there if I just don't look. 
  • So far none of these have worked out for me.
  • The elves just make more dishes, the laundry fairy got lost and the gnomes took one look at the kids' bathroom and flatly refused to touch it. 
  • Sigh, guess I have to stop lying about the help I'm gonna get. 
  •  Is it sad that for exercise I have to deceive myself with a "video game"?
  • I really am shy IRL.
  • I don't do well in large groups of people that most are expected to mingle in.
  • I don't mingle well at all.
  • Blogging has been a god send for me.
  • The face to face stuff is eliminated.
  • I'm much better when all that uncomfortable face to face first time stuff is avoided.
  • I am so ready for the weekend.
  • Even if this is laundry weekend.
Now go link up with Mamarazzi and confess your darkest secrets--or just those nagging ones--either way you'll feel better.


  1. My dishes are haunting me as well...they've even spread from my sink to my stove.

    I even started doing them on Wednesday but got bored and stopped.

    If it wasn't so wasteful I'd switch to paperplates and plasticware.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. oh i HATE face to face socializing... the "oh it's colder than i thought" chats... ugh. i'm not a people person at all. :( but it's totally different in blogville...thankfully. :)

  3. When the bathroom gnomes are finished cleaning yours can you please send them over to mine?

  4. Oh don't get me started on laundry...I have 4 loads staring me in the face waiting to be folded, sigh! Have a great weekend!

  5. The laundry fairies have neglected me too. Skanks. :)

  6. yup the bathroom gnomes have missed my place too, and my washer is broke, and I need to get on getting that fixed, or getting that nice shiny new red front load set....

    Thanks for sharing

  7. I was trying to forget the laundry and dishes calling my name until I read this post. Thanks!

    I am having a hard time meeting people here in Houston. I too can be shy until you get to know me. Its the first step thats hard for me.
    I don't like groups at all.. Im more of a one on one girl. Um.. that sounded bad.

    Bye now...

  8. Ya I hear ya..dishes shmishes.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and confessing...
    It's been a long and fun week.
    BUT it's not over for me...I work the weekend...yay!

  9. Lalalalalalalalala, not listening!

    The Laundry Fairy, the Bathroom Gnomes and The Dishwashing Elves really do exist! I just figured they're so busy that's why they haven't gotten around to my house, lol. ;-)

    Video games are exercise....for you brain, right? Me, I'm having too much fun playing games on my Wii! ;-)

  10. I'm also shy IRL....I have to seriously MAKE myself be personable most of the time othewise people just think I'm mad or pissed off because of the look on my face, but really I'm not...and I am shy...

  11. I lie to myself all the time. Not just about chores either. My favorite is, If I just ignore this icky situation it will go away. Or there's This cupcake won't make me gain any weight. Which means it's ok to have 3. *sigh*

    Large groups of people, well any people at all, cause me to have massive panic attacks. That is why 99% of my friends live in my computer.

    Have a great weekend!

  12. i'm so glad you liked your package! it's very intimidating shopping for someone.

    I also have to clean my house. like i can't see the kitchen counter right now.

  13. My dishes are in the sink
    A load of laundry in the dryer. Two in laundry baskets waiting patiently to be put away.
    The kids bathroom...we do not like to talk about it here.
    I will blend in the background with you because I am not good in social gatherings either. ;)

  14. I am so with you on the "not mingling". I stink in those kind of environments. What is really bad is one of my kids is just like me and it really gets me when she clings to me in environments like that. Totally a pot/kettle scenario! I was hoping the elves and gnomes and such had been at your house this week because that would totally explain why they weren't at mine-rats. Maybe next week!!

  15. Oh I wish the laundry fairy would come to my house! I really need her!

  16. Seriously who stole all the fairies?? I keep looking for them at my house too. Sometimes a really tall fairy (i.e. my husband--though I don't think I like calling my husband a fairy ;P) saves the day.. but mostly nope darn things are missing.

  17. You are so funny!! I love the story about the elves, the gnomes and the fairies. Now I finally get my kid's attitude towards house chores; they too believe it's those creatures who do it all..not MOM :)

  18. I'm shy in real life, too, until I get to know a person. Blogging has been awesome for me!

  19. I'm shy until I get to know a person, and blogging has been awesome for me.

  20. FYI--the laundry fairy is not here either, not sure where she is hiding...

  21. I lie to myself about the laundry elves & dish fairies. Buncha jerks! HA!

  22. Great now I guess that means that the tooth fairy isn't going to help pay for braces either! lol

    Hope you get some kind of help.. Laundry sucks!!! Stupid elves!

    Have a great weekend and try to make some time just for you!

  23. LOL.. I feel ya. Why don't the fairies show up in Wyoming? Not fair.

  24. eh...sorry about the laundry fairy...thats my fault....there was a terrible avalanche at MT Laundry here. She was trapped for days before we found her and well she just didnt make it. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. But if you find the elves or knomes send em my way

  25. I tell myself those same lies.

    And with the same results. Or lack thereof.

    Guess I should go get busy.

  26. i don't need the laundry fairy or dishes elves but i could really use a couple of bathroom gnomes.

    I am totally late getting around to everyone, I have been busy with my hubz home on vacation, but I am so glad you did this post and linked up, Friday Confessional is growing!! YAY!


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