Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday and the Random

Tuesday and we all know what Tuesday means.  Yep, random time with the rebel Stacy of Stacy Uncorked, at least until Keely wants it back.
My random this week is, well random:
  • I'm claiming domestic wonder this morning.  I got up, got my shower, made muffins, put dinner in the crockpot, Got the dishes done, got little boys up, dressed (although Turbo does this himself, Bruiser not so much yet), fed breakfast and Turbo out the door for school, all by 7:15am.  Is it any wonder that I want a nap most days?
  • Nick was really sweet last night and said thanks for all I do to keep the house together and moving.  He even said he feels like a slacker.  I had to remind him that he does all the outside, maintenance type stuff.  His time is coming--once the weather looks more spring and less winter.
  • Easter candy does not cause a coma.  It does however cause little boys to run through the house demanding more, more, more!
  • We are definitely stuck on winter repeat.  There is a scratch in the CD.  we keep warming up to maybe 50 then getting thrown back in to snow and cold, rinse lather repeat.  I'm sort of tired of the snow showers that keep rolling over us.  Someone bump the player, please?
  • This week there is a library book sale.  I love books of any kind and am most happy with cheap books, even if they are used.  Books are the one thing that can be used by multiple people and be as enjoyable the 537th time as they were the first time.
  • I really need some time off.  I've been having fantasies of beaches, warm tropical air, sunshine, the odd cabana boy or two.  While there will be no cabana boys and the "beach" will be less than tropical, we are getting away for Memorial day.  Come on May, pass in a flash!
  • Oh, and about those cabana boys--Nick is always requesting dancing girls when ever I ask him if he needs anything when I go out.  The cabana boys are just my counter to the dancing girls.
Well that covers my random, see sort of all over the place.  Go see Stacy, she of the rebel Random Tuesday.


  1. You sure got heck of a lot more done than I did! I better get busy...

    I "think" we're finally over our snow but now we have rain just about every. single. day.

  2. Winter repeat, I agree.

    Rain though, no snow.

    Easter candy. I had no reason to buy any since my son is in grad school far, far away (Louisiana). I should see if there's any on clearance...

  3. Love your randoms!.Am so jealous your hubby appreciates all you do...
    *sigh...I wish*

  4. Sounds like you dominated your morning! And isn't it nice to hear someone compliment you on all the stuff you do to keep things running? I can never hear it enough. Happy Tuesday.

  5. Cheap books = love.
    Just finished Tina Fey's Bossypants. Short but great read. Loving the new design!

  6. I suppose it's probably not a good thing for me to tell you that our temps. here are supposed to hit the mid 80's today and tomorrow? Plus...there isn't a cloud in the sky! Sure hope your weather warms up soon...I know how old winter can get!

  7. I love that Nick thanked you for all you do, and then the next morning you proved him right! We're on spring break here - it's 9:30, and I'm still lazing in bed!

  8. Wow! You got so much done. I was impressed I got in a (very) small workout and fed and got the kid dressed this morning. Yay you!

  9. I need some of your energy. My house is a total wreck and I need some motivation :)

    A cabana boy or two and tropical weather, sounds wonderful!

  10. Send some of those domestic wonder vibes my way please, I haven't done a darn thing all day.

    Easter candy would put me in a coma. I'm diabetic. ;)

    Supposedly there is snow in our forecast too.

    I love used books!!

  11. Hi nice to meet you, Jody here, Kiwi living in Oakland, used to be London. You're a better person than I. Could not haul my draggy bum out of bed this morning (I would call it jet lag but its been three days since we were in NZ...) husband took kids to work and I did...nothing else. But am still exhausted and whiney...clearly a political nomination is in order for me.

  12. You can have some of the 'not-usual-for-this-time-of-year' heat we've been experiencing the last few days...I'll take some of your cold weather off your hands! :)

    You are SO right that candy does not induce a coma - Princess Nagger has been over-hyper since Sunday. ;)

    Good job getting all that done by 7:15 am! I got tired reading it. ;)

    Thanks so much for being a co-rebel and rockin' the random with me! :)

    Easter, Angry Birds - RTT Rebel

  13. You are Super Mom, the muffins were the top. I stick with cereal for my kids.
    Hubby and I have been eating the kids candy. Bunny gave them jelly beans and gum - they really like the gum.

  14. Your hubs is so sweet to acknowledge all that you do! Doesn't it just give you the warm fuzzies to be appreciated?

  15. You are the Queen of Overachieveing! That is quite the morning! I love that your husband recognizes all of your hard work. Gold star for him!


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