Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts

So random time.  And here is a little peak into the random thoughts that float through my mind:
  • Bananas don't do well in our house.  Well, they do well enough to end up as banana bread.  But just to eat, not a real winner.
  • We are going to do it.  We are breaking Bruiser up with the Suckie or Binkie.  I should have done it months ago.  But he never was a good sleeper and he sleeps better with it.  I like sleeping.  But it's time to take it away.  I may not survive next weekend.  And suggestions are welcome.  Bruiser is two.  The breakup will probably not go well.  At the end we will be Suckie free.  But getting there...
  • Next weekend is also the weekend to get the camper ready for the summer.  Since we just got it last year, it needs all the stuff to make it more comfortable.  Rugs, mirrors, cooking utensils, radio, sheets and blankets, and other stuff.  This kind of shopping is fun.  And necessary, since we plan on using the camper a lot this summer.
  • I'm hoping for a good weekend soon--I need to detail the vehicles.  Vacuum, wipe out the interior with Armour All, clean the glass with Windex, wash the floor mats and all that stuff.  I like to do it and it makes the cars seem kinda new. 
  • Bruiser is a bit better--I could leave him with my mom, but he is still not 100%.  Thanks for all the well wishes.
  • We signed Turbo up for summer school to get him a bit more help with reading.  He is doing better but we think a bit of help over the summer could be a good thing.  At least we hope so.
  • I'm tired.  Insomnia and a sick kid really take a toll on the sleep hours.  Maybe tonight will be better.  It has to be, nothing could be worse than last night.  Did I just jinks myself?  
So head on over to Stacy Uncorked--she's holding the carnival for Random Tuesday Thoughts until Keely wants it back.


    1. I would love getting a camper ready for the summer - it just sounds so exciting. Like a world of adventure is waiting for you once it's done!

      And I'm with you on the car thing. I need a day where I go get my oil changed, vaccum everything out, wipe it all down and put some new smellys in it. I always want to do it on a nice day but then get annoyed because Jiffy Lube is always packed on nice days...

    2. glad your little guy is doing better.

    3. I used to love getting out and really cleaning my car. Now, with limited time, the extent of it is cleaning out the trash that collects on my door. Happy RTT!

    4. We rented a camper a few times when our girls were younger and made some of the best memories! So glad to hear that Bruiser is finally on the mend!

    5. we have to hide bananas in my house. Believe it or not, the cat likes to eat them.

    6. Oh, good luck with the binky! Might I suggest earplugs for you?

    7. Ha. This is two blogs in a row I just read bananas on. Fate must have a message for me.

    8. Bananas don't make it in our house etiher- but we ALWAYS buy them still. Weird. Good luck with the binky!

    9. fruit is gone within seconds of me buying it. Which I guess is a good thing. and G still has his paci. ugh - not looking forward to it.

    10. I have taken to tearing the amount of bananas that I think we will eat and just buying those. But then I still only have about 1 left and it just gets tossed because 1 banana won't make bread!

    11. I always think a banana sounds really good so I buy a bunch, and then they rot. And I don't bake banana bread so they just get tossed.

      My Midgets never took to a binkie, thank Goddess. I can't imagine how hard it is to separate them. Good luck!

      Hope you get your nice weekend to get all your stuff done! Have fun shopping for the camper!

      Glad Bruiser is feeling better. :D Hope you get some sleep soon.

    12. Bananas don't do well in our house, either - hubby jokes that our banana hanger is just to display bananas, that no one eats them. Though we do, it's just they ripen way to fast for consumption. Maybe I should hang some fake bananas and see if hubby notices. ;)

      Good luck with the Suckie or Binkie breakage. I wish Princess Nagger had had that habit instead of her thumb - she still slips into thumb sucking mode and she'll definitely be needing braces at a later time. Can't take her thumb away! :)

      That kind of shopping IS fun! And I'm with you - I need a good weekend to be able to detail the cars, too. I need some good weather soooooon! :)

      Thanks so much for the huge shout out and for joining me in my rebel ways! You ROCK!! :)

      "My Post" - RTT Rebel

    13. I should print out this post and show it to John. I've been after him to clean out his car for over a YEAR.

    14. We told our two-year-old that his binkie got lost in the move, and he accepted it and moved on. No crying or anything. I'm amazed. But like Stacy, I also have a kid who sucked his thumb. He's 10 and still sucks it when he is sleeping. Maybe you could tell him it got lost and you can't find one anywhere. Good luck!

    15. Bananas don't do well in our house either. I bring them home and I swear the next day they are bad! WHY? Apples, peaches, pears, pomegranates, etc, are fine (though they are eaten quickly), but something about our house and bananas do not mix.
      If you like, you can come detail my car. :)

    16. The other thing you can do with bananas is freeze them for smoothies!

      No suggestions on the binkie because Layla is 3 and still uses hers at nap and bed time...let me know what you come up with!


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