Thursday, April 7, 2011

If You Really Knew Me....Weekly Writing Prompt

If you really knew me you would know that I'm an introvert, nerdy, socially clueless and a terrible bookworm.
I really don't do well in large group situations unless I know lots of people.  I hate walking into a crowded room and not knowing anyone.  I'm not the type who is confident enough to just walk up and say hi!  I'd be the one in the corner, looking around and waiting until someone came over to me to talk.  Giving presentations is awful enough in front of people I know--worse if I know no one.  Blogging has been wonderful--there is no face to face first time meeting awkwardness that is so hard for me.  I've met some wonderful people and made some great friends doing this.  It's a great place for an introvert to open up.

I am a nerd.  Well maybe a geek.  I know a lot about the things I like--history, trivia, geology, things like that.  I remember random facts that don't really mean anything unless you are playing Trivial Pursuit.  In high school I always had an answer, knew the lyrics to songs, was a member of the speech team--not necessarily debate, more memorized pieces from humor, drama, and poetry--and being a  member you'd think some of my anxiety at getting up in front of people would have been alleviated.  Yeah, not so much.

I am also socially clueless sometimes.  I guess I never really learned how to be confident and certain things can go right over my head.  It's way better now than when I was younger, but there are still times when I feel I'm missing something important in social situations.

And about the bookworm thing.  Well, as a socially awkward teenager, books were safer and more reliable than people.  They offered a wonderful escape, even if only for a few minutes.  I read voraciously all through school.  I still do, but have less time to devote to it.  I'm always on the look out for new adventures in books.  And I get so caught up that I will totally miss what's going on around me sometimes.  Dangerous with two boys so I don't read that way very often when they are active.

So my bloggy personality is me, but in real life that first meeting I would totally give off a different vibe.  Once I get to know someone, then the casual, funny person who I can be comes out.

This week I'm playing along with Mama Kat's Pretty Much World Famous Writer's Workshop.
Her prompts this week:
1.) Your 15 minutes of fame.
2.) A rule I broke.
3.) If you really knew me, you would know that...
4.) What battle are you fighting? Write a poem overcoming.
5.) Write about someone who made your childhood bearable.
I chose #3.  Choose one for yourself and play along.
Mama’s Losin’ It


  1. this was a great peak into you... in many ways I relate. that is why blogging is such a great outlet for us! :)
    Good job, with the challenge!

  2. I may have to do that writer's workshop thingy; I always need prompts.

  3. I too am socially awkward and I find writing much easier than holding a conversation.

    Random trivia comes in handy all the time! Think of all the contests and bar trivia nights you can help win!

  4. I just found your blog and you are too cute! I love this idea and will definitely be checking it out!

  5. Here from Mama Kat's and in the first sentence I was a bit confused because I thought you were writing about me.

  6. I'm a book hound also but that probably doesn't surprise you. :-)

  7. Hi Vandy,

    Boy, do I recognize myself in this post!
    However, I did learn to speak in front of people and have done so many times.
    But I still hate to be in big gatherings when I don;t have to fulfil a function. I simply don't know what to do with myself :(
    I hope to explore your blog a bit more, I like what I am seeing!
    Good luck with all the testosterone! I guess the dog is male too? Better get Piper on your side, lol!

  8. You've told me many times about how much of a "nerd" you are or how much of an introvert you are & it blows me away. You are so personable blogging & I love our chats. What a great thing this blog world is!

  9. Awkward teen with nose in book=me! lol

  10. I am so the trivia geek and bookworm!

  11. I am so socially awkward it's amazing I leave the house at all. Thank heavens for books!

  12. I totally get lost in a good book too so usually try not o read. I went through very shy phases but overall am pretty outgoing. And moving every couple of years has really forced me to just jump right in- otherwise I would never have friends.

  13. i'm so bad at first impressions and completely socially awkward.

  14. I can so relate. I used to be outgoing and friendly and a total extrovert, but over the years I've become more of an introvert. Now I spend almost all of my time hiding at home and avoiding all human contact. It's weird. I'm also kinda nerdy as well.

    Loved learning more about you!

    Have a happy weekend. :D

  15. Great learning more about you! And geeky bookworms rock!


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