Thursday, March 31, 2011

Writer's Workshop--What's for Dinner?

I'm joining with Mama Kat for her Writer's Workshop.  She gives five prompts and you get to pick the one you want to write about.

The Prompts:

1.) Compile and share a list of your favorite tweets.
2.) Share a story of a memorable dinner.
3.) What I know for sure.
4.) You stole WHAT!?! Spill it!
5.) The house that built me.
I'm choosing #2. A memorable dinner.
Nick and I have had many memorable dinners.  Our first was on the first anniversary of our first date.  We have done something like that ever since.  But the most recent really memorable dinner happened New Year's Eve 2008/2009.  I was about 8 months pregnant with Bruiser, Turbo was five and knew that new Year's was special, just not really why.  Because of Bruiser, I was in no shape to go out anywhere so we planned to spend the evening at home eating lots of seafood.
However, I knew there was no way a large dinner was going to fit in my stomach, what with the active occupant in there already.  Nick looked at me when I said this and asked what I wanted to do.  I thought about it and asked him if he thought spreading out the feast into something like courses would be OK.  He took to the idea and thus was born our New Year's Tradition.  
Course one is Shrimp Cocktail and bacon wrapped scallops.  Served at around 1:00 pm with crudités or a veggie tray to munch on.  We then clean up from cooking the Shrimp and get things ready for the next course around 4:30 or 5:00 pm. 
For course two we have lobster tails and either pasta or potatoes as a side.  Again we clean up from that and rest, play games, watch a movie and then we start on the final course.
For the final course we have crab legs and bread (for absorbing some of the butter).  I make a fancy loaf of bread or rolls to go with the crab legs earlier in the day and at about 8:30 pm we start to cook the crab legs.   After we finish eating we watch the ball drop in New York City around 10:00 and then send Turbo to bed.  And we soon follow.  I know, we are regular party animals.
So there is the most recent memorable dinner.  It was born out of necessity, but was so much fun we do it for every New Year's now.  We are able to truly enjoy the different types of seafood and cleanup after each one so at the end of the evening there is not a pile of dishes to face and things are really relaxed(and there's no pressure to have everything done at the same time).
Now go link up at Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop.
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  1. that sounds like a great tradition. I don't think i could eat that late though.

  2. What a great idea! I'm not a fan of seafood, but doing courses of any type of food is a great idea.

  3. What a great idea! That's definitely a unique tradition, and it's definitely more creative than the typical "pizza and wings" theme that most people tend to follow.

  4. Wow, that is some kind of feast and a very neat tradition!

  5. You had me at "Shrimp" and even more so at "Lobster"! Yummm!

    Really neat idea!

  6. Nice! What a great idea! I'm allergic to seafood so those courses would kill me dead, but it's still a great tradition. ;)

  7. What a great idea! So you include the entire family in this? Do you always do seafood? I might have to share this idea with the Mr. Thanks for sharing!


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