Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hodgepodge--Irish style

Joyce at From This Side of the Pond has a St. Patrick's Day Hodgepodge.  Check her out and answer the hodgepodge for yourself.

1. What would you do if you found a pot of gold? Let's pretend this pot of gold is worth exactly $1500 (which would actually be more like a cup of gold at current values). Anyway, let's also pretend you have to spend it as opposed to making a donation someplace. Now tell me what you would do with that cup pot of gold?  Buy a kindle and load it up with books, get Turbo his own DS so he stops using mine on long trips, use the rest to get fun stuff for the camper so it's all ready to go this summer.

2. Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day in any way, shape, or form?  We wear green, and have corned beef and cabbage for dinner.  Once we made it out for green beer, but with the kiddos, going out just does not happen all that often any more.

3. Have you been bitten by the Spring Cleaning bug? What spring cleaning job most needs doing at your house? What spring cleaning job are you most dreading? Since it is not that warm or nice here spring cleaning is on hold for now.  The task I really have to do is wash the outside of the tops of the windows--the only part I can't reach from the inside.

4. Lime-shamrock-sage-forest...your favorite shade of green?  I like all shades of green--but lime/yellowy green is probably my least favorite.

5. Thomas Jefferson once said, "I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it." you believe in luck or do you believe we make our own luck?  I think there is an element of luck we can't control, but we can control how we react and if we recognize luck when it's staring us in the face we can act on it.

6. Monday (3/14) was Pi Day. Get it? Pi =3.14. Those math types are so clever aren't they? Since I'm not one of them tell me what's your favorite piE (the edible kind). Blueberry or pizza pie.  Depends on how I'm feeling--savory or sweet.

7. That same date (3/14) happens to be the birthdate of the late physicist Albert Einstein. I bet he knew the value of Pi. So...what do you think is more important and or valuable in life... intelligence or common sense?  Intelligence is important but it's nothing without common sense.  Of course common sense is nothing without intelligence.  To be well rounded, you need both.

8. Insert your own random thought here.  The time change is really kicking our butts this year.  I really wish they would just leave the time alone--pick one way and stick with it.  And I have my partner for Mamarazzi's Favorite Things swap.  Brandy at You Don't Know.  Now I just have to get to shopping and figuring out which of my favorite things to send.  There's reading, eating/cooking, time with little boys, camping, oh so many favorites to choose things from....


  1. I love Daylight Savings Time. The only bad thing about it is waking up to a dark house. For some reason, the change didn't kick my rear this year. Maybe that's because I gave up TV for Lent and, thus, was not up all night watching it. I actually went to bed early, so the loss of that hour of sleep did not wreak havoc with my body.

  2. I agree! I wish they would leave the time alone. Some of our clocks are still set at the old time, until we get around to changing them. ugh

  3. Either leave the time alone, or move it back 30 minutes then leave it!

  4. Ha-pizza! Love that answer!

    I only recently figured out how to set the clock in my car back. Now its time to move it forward again. I tried to convince my hubs we should just leave it and I'll add or subtract an hour in my head depending on the season : )

  5. For a very short time it is only 7 hours difference between Germany and the U.S., then once we change to daylight savings it goes back to 8 hours. It's a nuisance.

  6. If I had $1500 Id have to use it for fuel in my truck...dang diesel prices!

  7. Enjoy your dinner tonight. I do not like cleaning, won't let that bug bite me! My son never had common sense but he is very smart.
    I always worried about him growing up. As an adult he is doing really well. I love Brandy, she is so much fun.

  8. I want $1500 mmmK thanks!

    I asked my friend the other day what her favorite things were, she said ummm hello, it is supposed to be your favorite things. My response: sometimes I forget about the things I like & I need someone to tell me.

    You like how I work, someone should just give me all the ideas & then all I have to do is shop for them :)

  9. I never would have thought to include pizza in the "Pie" category, but come to think of it, it IS one of my very favorite pies!

    I've been bitten by the spring cleaning bug, but not enough to do some of the less desireable jobs. I guess it better REALLY bite me soon, otherwise I'll be trying to do them in 100 degree weather...


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