Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Confessions

I love getting things off my chest before the weekend.  It means I can go and do more stuff so I can confess next week.


Here goes for this week:
  • I don't understand Twitter.
  • It kind of intimidates me.
  • So I just don't worry about it.
  • I'm happy with my blog and Crackbook.
  • It's laundry weekend again.
  • Some have asked how I can only do laundry every two weeks.
  • It's not hard.
  • I let the piles grow and then do a massive sort and then start doing loads one after the other.
  • I usually have about seven loads to do.
  • I have to do it all at once.
  • If I didn't, I'd forget what's clean and what's dirty.
  • I'm not disciplined enough to do laundry every night.  
  • And I hate laundry more than the dishes, so why do it all the time?
  • I'll admit I have the occasional load to do other times, but those are easy loads to do--sheets, throw rugs, bathmats, Bruiser's clothes(which I do about once a week, or the kid would be naked--not that he wouldn't like that), you know the odd loads you don't have to do that often.
  • Having a new dryer has made doing laundry much faster than it used to be--only running clothes through one dryer cycle instead of two does save time.
  • I have not really cooked dinner all week. 
  • Sunday I was sick, sick, sick.  No cooking for mommy.
  • Monday I was still sick and Nick brought home chicken from the store.
  • Tuesday, Nick went to his archery league--I made something quick for the boys.
  • Wednesday night, I again made something quick for the boys.
  • Last night--we crock potted a chicken and boned it for chicken tacos.  I made the chicken, Nick made the fixin's for the tacos.
  • One out of five isn't bad--is it?
OK, now go confess with Glamazon and Mamarazzi.


    1. hehe I really have to play along one day, but then I would have to quit deluding myself about my fabulousity. ;)

    2. i don't get twitter either. i'm there and people follow me but I rarely say anything on there.

      hope you are feeling better. I only do laundry once a week.

    3. I'm with you on the whole Twitter thing! I simply don't get it. You can't beat chicken in a Crockpot for an easy, delicious meal!

    4. yup I am another one, no clue about twitter!!

      Nothing wrong with crock pot chick, as I sit here right now trying to decide what to make for supper, that sounds good

      Thanks for sharing

    5. I Tweet but not very often, I was afraid of yet another addiction!

      I do Laundry ever Monday with sheets it's between 7-9 loads and then 3 loads again on Thursday. How do you only have 7 loads every other week? Do you have an industrial sized washer/dryer?

      I slacked on cooking this week too, it's a beautiful thing!

      Sorry you were sick, hope you're back to yourself soon!

    6. I'm glad you're feeling better!

      The concept of Twitter eludes me, too....and I even had an account there once. Ah, well, social media is what it is.

      Have a great weekend! Don't get too buried under laundry. :D

    7. I've never even looked at twitter! :)
      I have to do lots of laundry and I save it up and do several loads at a time too. I use it as an excuse to watch tv. Five people make WAY too much laundry. Hope you have a great week end!

    8. I totally don't get twitter! I feel like I'm trying to read a foreign language!

    9. I loathe laundry and all it's evils...and am dreading doing it at this very moment.......

      I don't understand Twitter...Facebook is way better, but I do wish I had better tweets....

    10. I think putting away laundry is worse than the task of actually doing it. Why put it away when you're going to take it back out a couple days later? Nonsense if you ask me.

      And making something quick is cooking too! (Or so I tell myself.)

      Have a great weekend!

    11. It's never fun being sick, especially when you're the mommy! Hope you're feeling better!

      I have a Twitter, but most of the time I'm at a loss as to what to Tweet. Maybe I should just delete it, lol!

      Laundry is pretty much the same at my house; I'll wait until the kids yell, "I don't have any clothes to wear!" then go crazy running the washer and dryer. It never ends. *sigh*

      BTW, thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment! :-)

    12. Great confessions!

      I Twitter (or Tweet or whatever) when I think of it, but FB takes up most of my time.

      Laundry? What's that?

      My Midget has been at my mom's all week so I haven't had to cook either. Yay!!

    13. Ha! Great confessions. I don't really think Twitter is all that great either. LOL

    14. Did you just get into my brain and write this post! Seriously, other than the names being different and thankfully I wasn't sick I could have written this post.

      Today is my laundry day--i.e. I have about seven loads to do as I do the same thing!

      And Twitter-yep totally! My husband wants me to join it just so he can get a tweet of when I update my blog and just read it from a link there but yeah I just don't get it and I know when I do figure it out it would just be one more time suck I do not need.

      And I really need to sit down and write a menu again or I don't think I will ever really cook again at that rate I am going.

      And well time to go switch the laundry.

    15. I hate doing laundry too. Well, cleaning in general. I hate it all. I need a maid!

    16. I don't get Twitter either. My brain doesn't seem to work that way. I spend way too much time on my computer anyway. I don't need any other reason to sit on my butt any longer.
      I wish I cold get away with doing laundry every two weeks. I have to do a load a day. Stinkin' kids who have to wear clothes! :)

    17. I too have issues with Twitter. It's getting better but Crackbook is my love! :)

    18. I can't stand doing laundry either. I feel like I am doing laundry every day. I should just do it on weekends.

    19. I wish I could only cook when I wanted to cook but if we ate out every night, we would be 400 pounds. We like to eat way too much. Boo!

    20. I'm not too impressed by Twitter either. I joined it because a few of the bloggers I really liked were only on it. But thus far I haven't been able to get into it as much as Facebook. I'm addicted to Facebook.

    21. Wow, you are good with the confessions.. I felt like I was pulling teeth to get myself to say something... mainly too chicken to say what I want.. but eventually!! I don't get twitter either-- I signed up once, and got confused, so I gave up! New follower too :)

    22. Oh, and I just read you are a geologist.. are you a working mom or at home? Just curious... my dad is a geologist too.

    23. I am the same way. I save all my laundry for a once a week washing.

    24. Twitter? Why? i don't get it either.

      I do laundry.... occasionally. Ya know, so we don't run around naked.
      That I get!

      Thanks for the laugh!

    25. I definitely do just fine without Twitter in my life!

      And I hate laundry too! So I usually convince my husband to do that one :)

    26. i'de say you did really well by your family, you were sick but they still got fed.

      i call that success.

    27. One out of five isn't bad! I do at least 7 loads every single week. Actually, it's probably more like ten, plus sheets and towels. Ick! I'd rather do that than dishes, tho. Hope you're having a great weekend!

    28. I don't tweet. I actually have never even seen Twitter. Im just not interested at all!

      Laundry... uggghhh is all I have to say!

      My hubby works nights so more often then not I do a quick dinner for me & the girls. Nothing too exciting because usually the girls hardly eat & who wants to make a bunch of food no one will eat.

      Hope you are feeling better!!!

    29. You do laundry just like me!!! In fact, I have a load in the dryer and the washer right now. Guess I better get up and switch them!

    30. How strange to have a load of laundry dry in one cycle!!! LOL
      I though I was the only one who did that.


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