Thursday, March 24, 2011

Springtime Limbo

Spring time around these parts doesn't really start until May.  March and April are a bust because the weather is brought to us by Sybil--we can honestly get all four seasons in a day.  There is no knowing what is going to happen, the weatherman has been very unreliable.
So we are waiting for the good weather and that puts us in a sort of limbo.  Not really able to make outdoor plans and tired of being inside.  We really are just waiting.  Waiting for warm sunny days to go to the park, go for drives, go four wheeling, go camping, really just go.
In the meantime, here are some pictures of the kids and a couple of what we would rather be doing.
Bruiser loves using a fork to eat everything.

A rare genuine smile.

Four Wheeling fun.

Boys and water--they just go together.
Here's hoping that the good weather comes our way soon--at least more consistent good weather.


  1. I think Sybil has a little influence on our weather too. right now we got about 4 inches of snow on the ground. I'm so sick of snow.

    Cute pics! I love the 4 wheeling one. :D

  2. Bruiser's fork skills look great. Hope Sybil shows you a little mercy this spring.

  3. Was whatever's in the bowl as yummy as his anticipatory look makes it seem?
    Great photos!

  4. cute photos! our weather is getting prettier but it still likes to eff with me.

  5. You sure have some adorable kids! :)

  6. We are really looking forward to spring here too. It was warm for a couple days and then we got a major winter storm this week. Boo!!

  7. You have such adorable boys..and love love Bruiser's red hair.

  8. My little one prefers a fork for everything too. She loves to stab whatever is on her plate. LOVE those genuine smiles :)
    I too am hoping for that warmer weather to come soon!


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