Friday, March 4, 2011


 Time to confess it all with Glamazon and Momarazzi.  Grab the cute button and confess away.


I confess:
  • I've been reading more and it feels almost like I'm getting away with something.  
  • Of course Bruiser hasn't told me to put down the book yet. 
  •  He has told me to pause the computer though.
  • And that I'm "Done Compuer!" 
  • Pushy kid.
  • We did the dreaded taxes last night.
  • I hate getting the taxes done.
  • It's just something I dread--even when it comes out in our favor.
  • I avoided the dishes for the last couple of days.
  • We really hadn't dirtied a whole lot so it was easy to do.
  • I caved this morning and did them and ran the dishwasher--I put things I hate doing in there--plates, silverware, glasses, bowls.  
  • I do the pots and pans myself, cause their big and mostly easy to wash.
  • And our dishwasher is the most basic model going--hey it was the floor model so it was cheap when we got it.
  • I also haven't vacuumed in over a week.
  • The carpet in the living room could probably make a whole new animal, but I'm not going to look that close.
  • Since we have company coming over for dinner tomorrow, I'll be cleaning like crazy tomorrow before they come.  
  • But I'll probably still ask them to excuse the mess.
  • I live with two little boys.  No matter how I clean the living room will look like a disaster five minutes later.
So that covers my confessions for this week.  Go confess for yourself--it feels good and all the cool kids are doing it (not to put any pressure on or anything).


    1. I LOATHE doing dishes! I'm the opposite though, I'd rather do silverware and plates, but that's because I have crappy pans that everything sticks to.

      Happy weekend!!

    2. Dishes are the bane of my existence! Re: your post on my blog... I was in college in the 90s too but thinking back, it's funny how Family Matters was early 90s and by the end, I was in college and it seems like a totally different era!

    3. Dishes! Ugh! I do my pots and pans by hand most of the time, too.

      Yay for reading! One of my fave things to do!

    4. I really hate doing my dishes, the one chore I really despise. Keeping the house clean isn't a easy chore.

    5. I have to do the dishes today. I'm really starting to wonder, is it all that bad for the environment to use all paper and plastic dishes and silverware? It would save on water..

      Not even going to mention the last time I vacuumed! It was so long ago.

    6. Your avoidance of dishes is my avoidance of laundry--- I still have 5 loads folded downstairs waiting desperately to be put away:)

    7. Come over and clean my house. I don't have the energy. =) Have fun with your company!

      Have a great weekend~

    8. I've been washing dishes by hand for the last 8 years, so I am SO stoked that our new kitchen has a dishwasher!!! I can't wait!! I hate washing dishes too.

      Enjoy your company! I'm sure they'll understand.

      Hope you have a great weekend!

    9. THANKS SO MUCH FOR JOINING MY BLOG!! I'm new to replying to comments so I wasn't sure how too! But I loved your confessions and I am the same with the dishes, save the pots and big stuff by hand. Cleaning is a bust with kids...why bother!! Trash it up, it's a nice conversation piece.

    10. Can you believe I'm just NOW starting to figure out that it's completely pointless to clean my house? I can spend HOURS cleaning it and within 10 minutes the kids have made a mess again.

      And dishes...ugh...totally hate doing them. Makes me wonder why we just don't use paper plates and plastic utensils.

    11. I am with you on the cleaning, I always invite people over for a playdate just so it forces me to clean up. Makes me be accountable. Ha! My house cleaning also only lasts for maybe 5 minutes as well so it is annoying to do it & then it be a disaster so fast.
      Ooohhh & i am LOVING your background... the clovers are sssuper cute!

    12. Cleaning the house is a vicious cycle! I cleaned like crazy on Thursday and the birthday party over the weekend made it look like I havent cleaned in weeks!

    13. Haha "Pause the computer" when we were kids were called it "Time out" haha.


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