Tuesday, March 15, 2011

RTT: Friends, Time and Spring Break.

Time once again to random things up around here.
And my random thoughts:

  • We had a very busy weekend.  We had friends to visit Thursday--dinner was wonderful and the conversation was even more fun.  And then on Saturday we had another set of friends come to town to visit.  I took Turbo swimming with the kids of our friends and some cousins--well sort of cousins, the relationship is a bit more complicated, but we just say cousins, it's easier.  We then went out for the annual Chinese dinner and then back to our cousin's house for lots more conversation.  A good time was had by all.
  • We got 5 inches of snow on Saturday night.  We were supposed to get 1-2 inches.  The weatherman was smoking the funny stuff again.
  • I loathe the time change.  It really screws with the kids--especially Bruiser.  I'm not the perkiest right now either, but that poor kid is all messed up.  Sigh, he will adapt, then we get to do this all over again next fall.  What fun (this is when a sarcasm font would come in handy)!
  • We had good news about Turbo last week.  He has been behind in reading and getting extra focused help at school.  At this meeting we found out that he has managed to hit most of the bench marks, so he has minimum competence, and is borderline to go back to the class for reading, with some supplemental help.  We are just thrilled.  What a difference a good teacher can make.  Last year Turbo never meshed with his teacher, but this year he loves his teacher.  It is making a difference.
  • It's spring break here.  It never seems like spring, we always get snow during spring break. 
  • And Happy St. Patrick's Day, early. 
  • Bruiser has fallen in love with Mamma Mia!  He wants to watch it before bed now.  He likes the songs.  but then the kid likes music.  I'm going to have to find some music that is kid geared that doesn't make me want to gouge my ears out.
  • And in other Bruiser news:  Friday the kid ate Desitin Creamy.   He was playing with his toys and Mom could see him, but he had his back to her.  Nick and I got home from work and could see him playing and then Nick asked what Bruiser was eating.  We discovered he had gotten the tube of Desitin and was covered in the stuff.  And had it in his mouth.  One frantic call to Poison Control later, the kid had a few tummy troubles but nothing serious.  My mom felt awful.  However this could have happened to any of us, the kid is quick and I've caught him with the Desitin before.  Poison Control is now a prominent number on the refrigerator.
That covers my random for this week.  Go see Keely, she has more random.


    1. I hate the time change too. It always takes about two weeks or so for us to get adjusted. :(

    2. The time change really is worse for the kids, aren't they? And those of us adults who are kids at heart. ;)

      Awwww Bruiser! Desitin, really? Blech! Glad he's OK! And glad I ate my bagel with cream cheese before I read this post... ;)

      Yay for Turbo on his school accomplishments! Teachers really do make a difference.

      Spring Ahead, (Cat)fish, Journal Critique - RTT

    3. I would have been freaking out if one of them had eaten that! Glad he's ok. Happy Tuesday!

    4. Hooray for Turbo! It gets so much easier when things click with a teacher.
      As for the Desitin, Butt Paste is all natural, right? Maybe a change just in case?

    5. I lost track of all the junk my kids ate when they were little. We had poison control's number up on the fridge for a while.

      Snow sucks. I'm sick of it. We're supposed to get rain today and thunderstorms later this week. Yay!

      I hate daylight savings time. It is so hard to adjust to it, especially for little kids.

      That's awesome that Turbo is doing better. A good teacher makes all the difference!

      Happy Tuesday!

    6. Congrats on Turbo's great progress! That is fantastic.

      I could see Bruiser "tasting" the Desitin, but after the first taste, wouldn't the thrill be gone? Ewww! Glad he is okay though.

      I hope it warms up for your spring break.

    7. GASP. You guys are still getting snow?!

      I hate losing that hour. We had an early morning Sunday and all I could think of was that it wasn't really 7 am, it was 6 am. We were up at 6 am on a Sunday. Ugh.

      Glad Bruiser was okay. Desitin couldn't have tasted good. Yuck.

    8. it is STILL snowing there? oh my goodness, poor you.

    9. That is great news about Turbo! A great teacher really does make all the difference!

    10. great news on turbo! The time change never bothers me... I think I am in the minority

    11. Yay Turbo!!
      I have a cd that I bought my music mad boy. I'll look for it and send you the name. It's great. It has Bob Marley on it. So it can't be ear splitting.

    12. You know it seems the weather folks are always getting it wrong. It really is just a guessing game. Oh, and my wild kid would totally eat some Desitin if she could get her hand on it.

    13. Man, I hate the time change too. I just can't get my internal clock set right. I'm dragging my butt around here.

    14. So glad your little guy is ok! I swear they are so darn fast! So are you tired of snow yet. So ready for Spring here!

    15. My oldest took a whole tube of Desitin Creamy & squeezed it on the carpet & then douced baby powder all over it when she was about 2. Lil stinker! I've had to call posion control once. I was cleaning my little ones earrings when she was maybe 6 months old. I turned for a second & she grabbed the bottle unscrewed the cap & it was all over her eyes & even got some in her mouth. Man, they sure are quick!

    16. I think every one of my kids have eaten a tube of that stuff. I have no idea what attracts them to it so much! It didn't matter where I hid it, or how high I put it up...I would inevitably find every one of them with it before they reached the age of 2. I am now a pro at cleaning it out of the carpet...


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