Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy List

Sometimes you just need to sit back and think of the things that make you happy.  After a relatively quiet weekend in which I felt pretty blah, I'm going to perk myself up by thinking of the things that make me happy.
Here goes:
  1. Spontaneous hugs from either or both of my boys.  Turbo is getting bigger and I know he's going to outgrow the hugs sooner rather than later so I need to enjoy them now.  Bruiser just loves to snuggle into hugs.  They make my heart glow.
  2. Reading books, any book that interests me, makes me happy.  I've recently started to find my reading mojo and It feels good.
  3. Seeing good friends makes me happy.  I had a visit from an old friend a couple of weeks ago and we will be seeing more friends the end of this week.  This makes me happy down to my toes.
  4. These guys make me happy
    5.This guy makes me happy
     6.  Sunflower seeds make me happy--I'm a nibbler and I nibble while I read.  With out sunflower seeds I'd nibble on chips and crackers--things that go straight to my hips.
     7.  Cooking makes me happy.  We tried a new lasagna recipe the weekend and it tasted wonderful.
     8.  A long hot soak in the tub, without interruptions from little boys, is wonderful.  A glass of wine and a good book can make it perfect.
     9.  Dark chocolate Turtles make me very happy.
     10.  A good chai latte can make my morning.  But I usually settle for a chai teabag and french vanilla creamer.  It tastes almost as good and it doesn't cost nearly as much.

Well that is a list of what is making me happy right now.  Next week it may change. I'm fickle like that.

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  1. I'm so jealous of your spontaneous hugs. My Midget has been shunning me for what seems like forever, which means, among other things, no hugs.

    I'm glad you have all those things to make you happy. That's awesome!

  2. Dark chocolate turtles sound pretty good right about now!

  3. MMmmmmmm! Chai Tea Lattes are my fav...but I'm like you and I also like tea w/ cream. So good. Makes me want a cup right now!

    Spontaneous hugs are the best!

    I also love finding my reading mojo! What are you reading right now?

  4. We have the same addictions, I see. ;)

    I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but you look like you could be the sister of my friend Lisa S., and your man even looks like her man (Eric). Every time I see a pic of you, my brain does that "you know this person!" thing. :D

  5. Hey new blog friend! Thanks for stopping by.

    Love the idea about a homemade chai latte, I'm going to have to try that!

    I'm your newest follower!

  6. Oh chai tea latte...Im so making one in the morning, sounds so good right now!

  7. Mmmmm Chai soooo yummy!
    I'm a nibbler too, major problem is that I stay up late... like really really late 1-2 am late. Nooo good!


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