Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mamarazzi's Favorite Things Swap!

Spring has sprung and Mamarazzi at *Dandelion Wishes* is hosting her Favorite Things swap.


I'm excited to participate.  Looking forward to meeting a new blog friend.  And of course sharing my favorite things with whomever that is.  And it never hurts to get things either.
So let the swap begin!


Becky D said...

I know they say giving is better than receiving....but I don't think that applies to Swaps!

Myya said...

I get to do this one too... YAY!!!

Jessica G. said...

I love swaps! I'm looking forward to this one, too.

Raven said...

Have fun with it!

Miss Angie said...

This is going to be so much fun! :)


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