Friday, March 11, 2011


I confess:
  • I almost never wear make up.
  • Sometimes it would be nice to.
  • However looking dead or like a hooker who put her make up on in the dark is not a good look for anyone.
  • It's laundry weekend again.
  • I've been ignoring the taunts of the towels in the dryer, but I'm going to have to shut them up soon and fold them.
  • Just in time to start all over again with the sorting and the washing and the drying and the folding and the putting away.
  • Geez, that sounds like a lot of work.
  • At least the new dryer dries faster than the old one did.  
  • I get obsessive about keeping the toy parts together.
  • Like the ones in sets.
  • It's kind of silly, but it makes me feel better when everything is put back together like it's supposed to be.
  • So Bruiser can scatter it all over again.
  • Talk about a losing battle.
  • I dread the time change that is coming this weekend.
  • The only saving grace is that our spring break is next week.
  • Makes the blow a bit easier to deal with, not much but some.
Well that's my confessions for this week, whew, I feel better.  You will too if you go confess with Glamazon and Mamarazzi.  Go on, confess!
P.S.  Please keep Japan and Hawaii and all others who are impacted by the earthquake and tsunami in your thoughts today.  Just another reminder we live on a dynamic planet.  The geologist in me is fascinated, the human in me is shocked and sadden by the devastation.


  1. I'll come fold your towels if you put away my laundry! I love folding towels but LOATE putting everything away. What's the point when in a day you're going to be taking it back out and throwing it back in the basket again?

    I realized last night that the time change was this weekend and got really upset. I hate losing precious hours of sleep. :(

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I absolutely am like that as well, I have to keep all the parts together in their own little cubby...and I'm a little extra obsessive when my son brings the toys from the playroom upstairs and the toys from his room to the playroom and all the parts are just everywhere..I can't stand that! But it's gonna happen......I have a hard time accepting that.

  3. I hear ya on keeping things organized and sorted, even though the mess is coming. I attribute it to my Virgo side, but maybe it's a more universal trait. :)

    How is it, with three males in the house, you don't have to do laundry EVERY weekend? I have one male in the house and every 4 days or so I have to do several loads. Hrm.....

    And also....I look 20 years older (in a very bad way) when I wear makeup, so I totally sympathize. I wish, in addition to core classes in high school and college, there had been a course in different ways to apply makeup so as not to look bad in it.

  4. You look perfect the way you are..and when you get will have great skin..still!

  5. I rarely wear makeup anymore either, always on Sundays though. And so agree with the laundry thing, I hate it!

  6. Oh the joys of laundry - thankfully my Hubby does the first half and I'm just in charge of folding it. And keeping toy sets organized is a never ending battle...

    Agree - thoughts & prayers with everyone in Japan & Hawaii.

  7. Booo to laundry. I swear it is the bane of my existance. It never ever ever ends around here. I would never have had four kids if I'd have known the amount of laundry involved, lol

  8. I'm dreading laundry and the time change too.

    I remember when my Midgets had all those toys with all those stupid pieces. I don't have to deal with those anymore, but now it's barrettes and make-up and ponytail holders, et. etc. etc. ad nauseum that she leaves laying all over.

  9. I don't mind doing laundry (some days) but I really hate putting everything away. I'm not much of a makeup person either, if we are going out some place nice I will put a little on. Don't wanna scare too many people, lol

  10. You only do laundry every other week?? I have to do it every week (if not sooner) thanks to my husband feeling he needs clean clothes about every three hours it seems like. Grr.

    And I hardly wear make-up either...only when I know a picture will be going up on my blog. :)

  11. I have to do laundry almost daily to keep up here. I also wear Make up because I sell Make up and I've learned a lot. Buildboard must look good to sell more. LOL

  12. I dread the time change, too, but it's also our spring break, so that is the ONE saving grace. And did you have to mention laundry? I have to take care of ours.

  13. I rarely wear makeup either. Ive been making an effort to wear it every once in a while because it makes me feel all pretty inside!

  14. I'm with you, sister, I almost never wear make up either. But, then again, I have an ankle biter that generally gives me - - that much time to take a shower so after that it's HAT TIME!

  15. I hate my face with no makeup on it. Well, unless it is tan, which never happens so yeah I usually always wear it. Not that I look great with it but whatever...

    Ohhh how I wish I could keep all the toy parts together. I try sooo hard & then there is that one time that it gets away from me & BAM its ruined for all times after. Darn kids!!!

  16. Don't give in to those towels! Show them who's boss! lol

    Enjoyed your confession. Missed reading everyone's for the last couple of weeks forgot how much joy they bring me!

    Have a good one :)

  17. I cannot survive the day without at least lip gloss and mascara...i am pretty sure my head would explode.

    or something.

    I am so very late visiting everyone.

    This seems to be something I say a lot.

    PLEASE forgive the drive by comment!

    I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your participation in the Friday Confessional linky party.


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