Friday, March 18, 2011

Confessing It All...

...or most of it.  It's Friday and that means confession time with Glamazon and Mamarazzi.  So grab the button and confess it all--it'll make the weekend more fun.


I confess:
  • I hate cleaning around the toilet.  
  • Cleaning inside is no problem.
  • Outside on the other hand--well, I live with boys.  
  • Enough said.
  • I'm taking the boys to visit family this weekend.
  • Nick gets a whole day and two nights all by himself.
  • I'm jealous.
  • I haven't had a by myself overnight for about three years now.
  • I love my boys--all of them, but being able to sleep all by myself with out interruption sounds heavenly.
  • It also sounds selfish.
  • Our spring break is almost over.
  • We didn't really do anything this year.
  • I have to admit, I don't really like it when the snow melts away.
  • All the dust and pollen from last fall gets all stirred up again and my allergies go nuts.
  • I know it's the dust because nothing is growing here yet.
  • I'll have the new pollen allergies in June.
  • Fun, fun allergies.
  • Claretin is my friend.
Now go link up--go on, it's lots of fun and doesn't hurt a bit.


    1. I am in the same camp with you. I did have one night away with my husband about a year and a half ago, but totally to myself-nope always had at least one little person with me.

    2. I know, we clean,mop,wipe,scrub,and spray and we wonder if it smells when company comes over,hehe.


    3. I live on Claretin (or generic versions lol)!

      I haven't had a lot of time to myself either. I fell like I have a mini me glued to my side lol.

    4. My allergies suck now too; they're awful. And re: kindle. Actually, I have an ipod and downloaded the kindle app. Same thing! Smaller, yes, but totally awesome nonetheless. Happy Friday!

    5. An overnight would be lovely for myself, but around 2 in the morning, I would start doing the eyes closed/ hand search for John.

    6. make them clean it up. I made my son clean the bathroom a few times, he is a lot more careful now, lol

      Why is it that we never the time to ourselves???? I gues that is what happens when your the mom

      Thanks for sharing

    7. i would be super jealous too. so very very very jealous of an overnight to myself and to sleep in. i miss that.

    8. Eww..I DON'T clean around the toilet that's my husbands job...makes me sick to my stomach!

    9. I'm the oldest of 7 and have ONLY I feel your toilet cleaning pain. Why is it so hard to aim??

      You're going to have to schedule a weekend alone for just yourself soon. Maybe a weekend campout for your son and the boys. Then get some takeout and watch chick flicks :)

    10. I would also hate cleaning around the toilet if I had boys. Yuck!

      You so need a weekend away! My mom frequently takes my youngest for up to a week at a time, I don't know how I'd stay sane without that time to decompress.

      Our spring break starts April 2. I'm not looking forward to it.

      Stupid allergies!

    11. my allergies are ridiculous! I have to take Flonase daily! I'm allergic to the cat but Jake loves him to much to get rid of him! he would rather see me suffer! nice huh!?!

    12. My allergies have already kicked in and it has been miserable. Went and bought some Allegra and it does help some.

    13. Right there with ya on the allergies! My eyelids have dots of puffiness on them, like chicken pox, from rubbing so much. :(

      And I agree about the toilet. Guys have zero aim, and scraping that crystallized stuff off there is so icky. Make the hubs do it! :)

    14. Oh how I despise allergy season! Funny thing is I never had allergies growing up and always made fun of my friends that had to have allergy medicine with them. Then I hit my early 20's and BAM! Now hay season is more like Hell season.

    15. I've taken my girls on trips leaving hubby behind too. I always wish for it to be me having the alone time. But you know when I do get even the smallest amount I don't know what to do with myself!! LOL

    16. I am definitely not a fan of cleaning around or inside of the toilet...BLECH! So sorry that your Spring Break is nearly over. My youngest daughter's Spring Break is the first week of April...can't wait! We're thinking of going to Savannah for several days!

    17. I don't like cleaning the outside of my toilet and it's just me using it! It gets all dusty and grimey...blech.

      When I was a preschool teacher (I was in the early preschool room so the majority came into my room being potty trained) I used to make my assistant clean the toilet because of all the pee accidents. Bless her.

      Have a great weekend Vandy!

    18. UGH!!! I HATE cleaning my boys' toilet(s)! I usually refuse to use any of the bathrooms except for the master bath, so that I can pretty much avoid them like the plague until their mandatory once a week scrub down.
      Then I wish I had a HAZMAT suit.
      Boys are gross.

    19. I know what you mean about the outside of the toilet! Ick! When my son has friends over who really don't care... gross!

      Spring break is almost over here, too. Sigh.

    20. I have to admit that as much as I miss my hubs all week...I do like the bed all to myself

    21. It is not selfish to want some time to yourself. Everyone deserves a break every now and then.

    22. i would rather do every other chore to give the toilets to someone else.

    23. Why did you all teach your kids to pee standing up? What's wrong with peeing sitting down? Oh yeah, it's not the "Manly" thing to do. But it's a helluva lot cleaner. I also think it's rude to pee standing up a someone else' house so I taught my kids to sit when they visit.

      It may sound weird but that's just me.

    24. I hate toilets too! It never ends does it? Hope you find time to enjoy this beautiful Spring day!

    25. Our spring break is over today. We didn't visit anywhere either. Kind of a bummer but it wasn't in the budget. Although hanging out at home isn't all bad.

      Toilets. Yuck.

    26. We're not in the school age years here yet, but reading your comment about not doing anything for Spring break sounds good to me. I love a "staycation", maybe a few extra adventures around town, but save the hotel / vacay $.

      Maegan :)

    27. A night totally to myself? As in no about husbands? That would make it even longer. It's not selfish to want alone time. It's good for us to have that sometimes.

    28. My hubs is suprisingly very clean when it comes to the toilet. He even ALWAYS puts the seat back down. His mama raised him right!!

      We are just starting our Spring Break. I'm excited, we have a few fun things planned. Hopefully we will manage to acomplish most of them. The most fun will be Thursday we are scheduled to ride the Amtrak Train a couple hours. We will probably go to the Zoo once we get there. Fun stuff!!!


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