Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Random Tuesday Without the UnMom

OK so this is the first Tuesday without an Un Mom led random.  Let's see where this takes us shall we?

So, random:

  • It's awful when kids get the vomits.  Turbo got sick last night.  It started with a tummy ache and resulted in four trips to the bathroom to empty his stomach.  There was nothing I could really do for him, but be there.  Poor kid.  He hates throwing up.
  • It snowed here.  No surprise really.  The weatherman said we had a chance of snow tonight.  That meant we were bound to get at least an inch.  We got almost two.  Makes for a slippery drive to work.
  • I won the battle against the laundry this weekend--even the towels.  All of it is folded and put away.  Absolutely astonishing.
  • I've become fascinated by the video game Just Dance.  I like dancing and think it might be a good way to get all of us up and moving.  We might have to rent it and see if we like it.  Of course I might just win the one that Kmama is offering over at The Daily Dribbles.
  • I'm getting so excited for the Favorite Things swap.  Packages get sent this Friday or Saturday.   It's so fu to get stuff.  Fun to send stuff too, but then there's the whole will she like what I sent part that's not so fun, but I think I've done well--I know I'd love all the stuff I've picked.
  • I think I'm starting to get a routine down for doing dishes, cleaning, and all those domestic things that have to be done.  Amazing isn't it? 
I think that's all the random I have for this week and you know what?  Stacy at Stacy Uncorked is hosting Random Thoughts until Keely decides she wants to do it again--yeah, I'm so linking.


    April said...

    Thankfully, no one in our family has thrown up in years...knock on wood! Hope your son is feeling better! If you like Just Dance, you'll love Michael Jackson: The Experience. I currently am the record holder in our family for Thriller! Yay, me! :)

    dddiva said...

    So sorry the little one is sick- no fun at all. Hope he's feeling better soon.

    I have lots of laundry, feel free to come get it whipped into shape.

    I have not played Just Dance, but we love to dance here as well. Randomly. Even in public. ;) Hope you win the giveaway.

    Kristine said...

    Good for you for conquering all thelaundry! I swear the damn stuff breeds....

    Happy Random Tuesday!!

    Michele said...

    Poor little boy, I hope this is just a 24 hour thing.

    Yay! for catching up on the laundry and nailing down the chores routine. Can you come to my house? It's a mess.

    allstarme said...

    I'm on domestic duty hiatus and it actually irks me NOT being able to do dishes. Who know I'd miss it??

    Day 2 Day Living said...

    Kids being sick really does suck!
    Today I can't type for crap and my grammar has been horrible. Thank God for back space<<<<how was that for random?
    All this talk about Just Dance and now I need to try it.

    Sprite's Keeper said...

    I hope Turbo's feeling better today. And congrats on winning with the laundry. My Monday sneak attempt is still sitting in the dryer...

    kyooty said...

    Happy Tuesday!! I linked up at Stacy's too and Julie's. I miss Keely now.
    There must be something in the air I won the laundry battles yesterday too? It was so great to have all kinds of neat piles of folded clothes. I had to set the timer on the stove though so I'd remember to switch everything over. OH and I got a pair of jeans dried on teh line! First line dry of the season.

    Laufa said...

    Hope Turbo is feeling better very soon.
    Who did you do the swap with? It does sound fun.

    Emmy said...

    I am excited for the swap too. And yes throwing up is the worst! Congrats on the laundry! I did good too last week..though the laundry bags are Already full

    Brandy@YDK said...

    G has yet to have any throwing up sicks - thank goodness. that's the worst.

    and I WILL LOVE everything you get me because I LOVE stuff that comes in the mail. and I'm really easy to please. :)

    Stacy Uncorked said...

    Awww! Poor Turbo! The flu is the worst - I'm with him, I hate throwing up! Hope he feels better soon!

    Yay for winning the battle on your laundry - do you hire out? ;)

    I've seen commercials for the Just Dance game - I'm intrigued!

    Thanks so much for the shout-out and linking up! Here's hoping Keely's hiatus is a short one. ;)

    RTT Rebel

    Hilary said...

    It was so strange this AM not linking to the un mom.. Thanks for sharing about stacy! I hope everyone feels better!

    blueviolet said...

    I can't believe you beat the laundry at its own game this week. That is the best! Now you've got me wondering about this Just Dance thing!

    Sorry about Turbo. :(

    Corinne said...

    YAY for getting the laundry done.

    Hope you all feel better soon.

    tattytiara said...

    Poor kid, I completely relate. I hate throwing up so much I haven't done it since I was eight, and I never will again if I can help it!

    Barb said...

    I'm with ya on the vomit thing. It's especially bad when it happens while in the top bunk but trying to get down so it gets all over. Hmm. Thats a good image.
    I'm with ya on the testosterone thing too. It's me and 3 boys plus a hubby. But the dogs are girls. :)
    Happy Tuesday.

    Heather said...

    Sure hope the little guy is feeling better.

    I'm still playing the never ending game with the laundry, congrats on your victory!

    Lourie said...

    You conquered laundry! You are my hero! Mine is still mocking me.

    Sorry that Turbo got sick. At all. It really sucks.

    I want Zumba for the Wii. I thought you needed the Wii Fit for it. You don't!!

    Raven said...

    Awesome random! I'm glad Turbo is feeling better than when you wrote this post. I hate throwing up too.

    We haven't had snow for about a week, but we still have tons of it leftover. It's making me crazy.

    Kudos to you for doing the laundry. I didn't get quite that far with all the cleaning we did.

    Have a great Wednesday!

    Myya said...

    I am sooo ready for this rain to stop, bring on the sunshine already!!!

    I'm excited for the Favorite Things Swap too... LOOOVe swaps!


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