Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cherries and Awards

OK, so I got another award--from Beth at Living a Goddess Life.  Thanks so much!  As with all awards there are a few rules--I have to share three things I love about myself, a picture of myself, and then share the bounty.

Three things I love about myself:

  1. I love my quirky sense of humor.  I like to laugh and find things funny that some would not.  I also don't find funny things most do.  But it's all good, cause my hubby gets my humor--most of the time.
  2. I love my creative side--I don't exercise it very often--more now that I'm blogging, but I am becoming a more creative cook, and when I find the time again, I'm going to start scrap booking again.
  3. I love my fact retaining brain.  I have a knack for remembering random facts--I'm a mean trivia player.  My hubby swears that I need to go on a game show and make our fortune.
Now for a picture of me.  This one is a bit harder--just because I don't get in front of the camera very often.
I'll go with this one, I hope to be able to do this lots this summer.

    Now for the blogs I think need an award:
    Amanda at Because That's How It Happened
    Krista at Mommy Doesn't Wrestle
    Vanessa at JFam Blog For the Soul
    April from Straight from the Heart
    Amy from Amy's Life
    Stacy at SLMPetersen

    Hope you all enjoy the award.  Everyone can use a little cherry on top sometimes.


    1. Thank you for the award! I am headed out of town shortly for the weekend, so I will do my part in accepting it when I return.

      You three things about yourself could be describing me! We seem to have similar personality quirks.

      Thank you again!

    2. very cool. random facts are so fun. I love those bathroom reader books because they have all kinds of useless stuff. cute pic!

    3. Thanks for the awaaaaaard!! I love a good quirky sense of humor too. My husband has one of the quirkiest I've ever known.

      And wherever you are sitting in that picture- I want to be there!

    4. Congrats. My brain is exactly the opposite. I swear I have short term memory loss...or I'm just terribly forgetful.

    5. You are far too kind! Thank you so much for this awesome just made my day! :)

    6. Congrats on the award.

      I've got a bunch of trivia rolling around in my head but it never reveals itself when I need it. So, no game show for me.

    7. Cute and congrats! I think your sense of humor and my sense of humor would get along great as long as we don't play each other in trivia..

    8. Congrats! I'm so happy that Beth gave you this award! I love your facts, and that's such a cute pic of you. Makes me wish there wasn't still snow everywhere I look!

    9. I so do not retain trivia-espeically names of celebrities/authors... I just don't do good at those types of games.

    10. My hubs tells me that about going on a game show too! Some days I can barely remember what I ate for breakfast but I can remember all kinds of random facts!

    11. Thanks for such a Sweet Award!
      Great picture of yourself. I remember so many crazy facts, things I will never need.
      Have a Great weekend!

    12. Thanks for the award. I'll work on a post for next week. Have a great weekend!

    13. Love that picture, I want to be doing that this Summer too!!!


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