Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Random Thoughts on Tuesday

So lets get ready to random!!  Or something like that.  Go see Keely, she of the funky purple button, and get your random on.
Here's my random for the week:

  • I'm positive that Bruiser's toys are mating in the dark.  I swear that there are more of them every day.
  • February flew by, didn't it?  I'm not sure I'm really ready for March.
  • Why is it that you can have 250 channels and still can't find something you want to watch?
  • My mom has taken to bringing breakfast to us about once a week.  This is not bad when the breakfast comes from say, McDonald's.  It's not so great when she stops at the convenience store for it.  The donuts for the boys are OK, but the sandwiches--not so much.  
  • She is also giving us some of her leftovers.  However she does not cook as well as she once did.  Actually, she just doesn't cook like I do.  And she comes up with really weird combinations of food.  Leafy things in stew, not enough chili powder in chili, veggie soup with unidentifiable vegetables in it.  I love my mom dearly and she takes great care of Bruiser and Turbo, but some of the food she shares makes me shudder.  I can't tell her I don't want it because that will offends her and she's awfully touchy about stuff like that.  So we smile and take what she offers and dispose of it when she is not around.
  • We have mild weather for the beginning of March.  THis means that the end of the month will be nasty--right?  In like a lamb, out like a lion?  Or in like a lion, out like a lamb?  Something like that.
  • Did you know that today is:  National horse protection day, Peace Corp birthday, Pig day, and Plan a solo vacation day.  Tomorrow is Dr. Suess day.  Turbo gets to wear a crazy hat to school and they will be doing all kinds of things for Dr. Suess.  Sounds kind of fun.
Well that does it for my random.  Go see Keely, she holds lots of random.


  1. My grandmother likes to "gift" us with food she has cleaned out of her fridge. She saves everything. By the time we get them they are covered in mould. When she leaves we pitch the lot in the garbage. I'm not eating anything that came out of her fridge. God only knows what died in there...LOL!

    Happy RTT!

  2. I often wonder that, too, as I'm channel surfing...what's the point in having all of those channels if you don't care to watch the large majority of them?

  3. We would never let my mom bring food to the house. Goodness knows what will be in it.

  4. I swear G's toys multiply too.
    I never have time to watch TV but when I find like 3 minutes - nothing is on!
    ya - your mom's cooking doesn't sound too appetizing.

  5. I Wish someone would bring us breakfast once a week! Haha! I would even take the donuts/sandwiches. :)

    Happy Random Tuesday!

  6. You lost me at toys mating in the dark. I laughed and couldn't recover. :)

  7. The toy thing? Totally true. It's a conspiracy to clutter our houses. ;)

    And how does one celebrate Pig Day? Hrmm...

  8. I love the Plan a solo vacation day idea. Maybe I'll be able to celebrate it next year. As for March, I hope it's in like a lamb and out like a lamb. Please!

  9. I wish my mom would gift us with food. She's an awesome cook. I am not.

    McBreakfast rocks!

    There's this guy at my doctor's office who brings around a cart of beverages for people and he dresses like Dr. Suess.

  10. Yeah - food from the convenience store......yuck...unless it's candy bars and chips.

    You are sweet to take the food and throw it out later.

    I miss days like Dr. Seuss day and freaky hair day and backwards day!
    Happy Tuesday!

  11. Why is everything getting a day? And a month? Soon years will be sponsored..

  12. I really snickered at the toys mating thing...I swear the clothes on my floor do the same thing.


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