Monday, March 28, 2011

Why is it....Monday?

Why is it that a two year old can't make up his mind?

Why is it that I can get great ideas for a blog post in the shower, but can't remember them when I can actually write them down?

Why is it that getting all the laundry done can feel so good?

Why is it that a seven year old can focus for hours on video games, but can't focus for ten minutes on a book?

Why do weekends go by in a flash, but weekdays crawl by like a snail?

Why do the longer days result in far more complaints from small boys--But it's not even dark yet!

Why is a two year old so fast?

Why is shopping, even thrift store shopping, so much fun?

Why are baby chicks so appealing to little boys?

Why is Monday so hard to face?


  1. I wish weekends could be at least a day longer or maybe 2. Actually, I'd like it if the work week swapped with weekends. Work 2 days, rest 5 days. There I to Princess Micheleland.

  2. Thrift store shopping is awesome!

    I always get my bloggy ideas when I'm driving, and I've realized that it's extremely hard to write and drive.

    Mondays suck. I want to kill them dead.

  3. Sounds like my house. Just go to bed, it will be dark soon. What are we going to do in the middle of summer

  4. I was asking myself the same question this morning....why is it Monday? Seriously? Already?

  5. Oh love this why is idea. We are the opposite of joyous in the mornings on any day (except Christmas or if we are facing it from the backside) but Mondays just amplify all the crap for some reason.

    I love love love shopping and thrift stores are like an attic you never know when that amazing treasure you just know is lurking amidst the cobwebs will be uncovered.

  6. I either get great ideas but too many and so I don't remember them..or I forget them all together....I blame the mommy brain!

  7. If you find a way to slow down weekends, please let me know!

  8. If you ever figure out the answers to any of those questions, PLEASE let me know!!!!!

  9. LOL.....Great whys!

    I LOVE thrift store shopping!!!

    And from your confession post....I don't understand twitter either. haha!

  10. ha. good stuff. I love shopping. anywhere. and have my best blog ideas while getting ready in the morning and then nothing.

  11. OH my gosh I do the awesome blog post in the shower but forget them by the time I get to the computer too. Glad I am not alone. Super annoying isn't it!

  12. Good questions!

    I always write the best post in my bed right before I am ready to fall asleep and can't remember them the following morning for nothing... at least they seem funny to me at the time! lol

  13. Some of life's greater questions. And I can totally relate to them all. haha.

  14. I have the same problem when it comes to blog posts! I have a million ideas when there is no possible way I can write them down, and then when I sit down at the computer to write...nothing.
    Glad I'm not the only one!


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