Tuesday, March 22, 2011

RTT: Under the influence

It Random Tuesday time.  It makes Tuesday worth while.  At least I think so.  Go see Keely at the Unmom for more Random.
My random for this week:

  • I'm doped up on the good sinus medicine--the kind you have to sign at the pharmacy for now.  It makes it so I can breathe, kind of.  I blame it for the things I think are random this week.
  • Changing altitude with a head cold is miserable.  I went from 7200 ft to 4600 ft this weekend to visit family. then I got to come back up.  My ears hate me.
  • Bruiser loves to ride push bikes.  Nick found him a three wheeler that Bruiser rides around the house and he loves it.  He looks absolutely adorable wheeling around.  Of course it's not so cute when he gets it to the top of the stairs and says Hi Daddy! as he prepares to go see daddy.  Nick made it up the stairs in .2 seconds to stop the little dare devil.  We might have to start calling him Evil Knievel.
  • Commercials are kind of annoying--or that could be the non stuffy medicine.
  • We hit 67 degrees in the back yard today.  It truly was a heat wave.  Nick took the boys outside to play and they had fun, but Bruiser did not want to come in.  He could be trouble this summer.
  • I lost a contact last week.  Didn't realize it until I went to take my lenses out before bed.  There is a reason for this.  I have two very different eyes.  One eye is very nearsighted, the other is very far sighted with astigmatism.  There is just enough astigmatism in the near sighted eye that they  had to correct it finally the last time I got contacts.  When I finally got glasses (when i was 11) I was amazed that lights did not have halos around them.  Well, one eye saw lights at night clearly--mostly--the other saw a blur.  Makes having someone try my glasses interesting.  The contact I lost was from the far sighted eye.  If it had been the near sighted eye, I'd have know immediately that it was gone.
  • In other news Keely has decided to put Random Tuesday on hiatus for a while(she did not specify how long--darn her) so the lovely Random Thoughts Tuesday will not be around--but let's hope she brings it back soon.
Now since it's the last one go see the other linkers and get your random fix.


    1. I'm near sighted in one and far-sighted in the other too. Not brave enough for contacts because I'm pretty sure I would put the wrong contact in first and wouldn't be able to see my other eye clearly.

    2. Your random is awesome!

      My youngest Midget was a daredevil too. She was always climbing on stuff and giving me heart attacks. Luckily we didn't have stairs in our apartment. I'm sure she would have fallen/ridden down them 50 times a day.

      I'm jealous of your heat wave. Here it's raining, scheduled to turn into snow around midnight and dump 4-6 inches on us. WTF Mother Nature?

      Happy Tuesday!

    3. Hey Vandy! :)

      I am hosting RTT next week, just can't have a complete week without RTT, you're welcome to join.. :D

      My sister gets doped on sinus medicine too, she's allergic to dogs but have 3 so most of the time she's high. LOL :D

      I am so glad my son is past that daredevil phase! I remember one time he jumped from the kitchen counter to the table, good thing he made it, but OMG my heart stopped for about a minute!

      I have very bad eyes too, I am still contemplating whether to get contacts instead because glasses are so inconvenient but I had an allergic reaction to contacts before, I don't know if I outgrew it or I'm still allergic, hmm, I should try soon.. :P

      Happy RTT! See you next week.. :D

    4. 67?! So envious. We had snow again yesterday. Blech. Happy Tuesday!

    5. Funny how those little daredevils bring out the unbeliveable superman speed in parents. My little grandson seems to think when he jumps he should be able to fly.

    6. I'm still mulling over the two different visions scenario. Trippy.

      Happy last RTT. :(

    7. No, commercials ARE annoying. Always.

    8. Hope that allergy medicine kicks in for you!

    9. Hope you feel better soon. I have an astigmatism in both eyes, pretty advanced. I was told this is nothing to be proud of. :-)

    10. Hope your sinuses get cleared up soon! I hate having a runny, stopped-up nose.

      I've seen my hubby sprint pretty quickly to avoid children mishaps, too...I'm slow to react :(

      Thanks so much for stopping by for a visit today. Have a great week!

    11. When you're not feeling well and can't breathe, much less sleep, getting doped up on sinus meds is a GOOD thing! Feel better soon!

    12. i love the drugs you have to sign for. I just got some new contacts to try out. I haven't worn contacts in 10 years and am a little nervous.

    13. I have odd eyesight too - my left eye is three times worse than my right. So much fun, right? ;)

      Ugh, you poor thing - changing altitude with a head cold really is miserable. I flew with a sinus infection once - my eardrums never forgave me.

      I would have had a heart attack with the bike at the top of the stairs - glad Nick made it up the stairs in .2 seconds!

      I agree - commercials are totally annoying with or without medicine. ;)

      I'm going to be a rebel and still do RTT next week - I'll even have a linky and a special graphic in honor of Keely. Feel free to join me in my rebel ways if you want! :)

      Wii Bowling and Champagne Making - RTT

    14. Commercials are annoying whether or not you're on cold meds! Boo!

      Hope you feel better Fast!!

      Happy Tuesday!

    15. Yes commercials def annoying. I drove the kids to school the other day and as soon as I pulled out of the driveway I realized I did not have my contacts in. Luckily I have made that route many times so we survived.

    16. I just discovered that one of my eyes needs a much stronger prescription than it has currently. How, you ask? Because I rubbed my contact and could barely see with the other even though a contact was still in it. SMH.

    17. I'm just blind, blind blind. I'd never go without noticing a missing contact. Although I have sleepily tried to take them out when they're already out.

      Okay, DRUNKENLY. Not sleepily. Whatever.

    18. Hurrah for the heatwave! Hope you get more of them soon. I eliminated the contact thing by going in to have eye surgery. Best thing I ever did.


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