Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Random Tuesday

So.  Tuesday.  Can't say it my favorite day of the week, but it's not Monday so it ahs that going for it.  It also has Random Tuesday Thoughts with Stacy.  Always nice to get random:
  • I saw this on Facebook the other day:
  • Yeah, this could apply to dishes and laundry too.
  • I got a Kindle Fire HD over the weekend.  Bruiser likes it almost as much as I do. It's handy to have around.  I need to explore it more, but I like it so far.  I will still do most of my reading from my Kindle Touch, but the Fire is nice.
  • I am out of ideas for Bruiser and potty training.  He goes pee just fine.  Pooping, not so much.  I don't know what to do.  He goes to preschool this fall.  Maybe that will help. One day I'll look back on this and it will be an interesting story.  Going through it is frustrating, aggravating, stinky, and no fun for all involved.
  • I don't do caffeine all that often, but there are days when it holds a certain appeal.  Today was one of those days.
  • We are ridiculously excited over the season premier of Mythbusters.  This is their 10th year on the air.  Kind of amazing for a cable science show.  This is one show that we all enjoy and get a lot out of.  Check it out Wednesday on the Discover Channel.
  • Just when we get some relief from the cabin fever another storm rolls in.  We have 3-7 inches of snow predicted for tonight. The only good thing is that it won't last long this time of year and we really need the moisture.  Still, it could rain and it wouldn't hurt my feelings all that much.
  • Ten years ago today I was uncomfortably pregnant with Turbo.  His birthday is the end of May.  I was looking at two more weeks of work then time home for about 3-4 weeks of waiting for him to show.  Time sure does fly.  I need to stop blinking.  I feel like I'm missing so much when I do.

That's all the random my brain can come up with this week.  Go see Stacy for more.

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Seriously Shawn


  1. I feel for you guys, still getting snow... thankfully it seems those days have passed here! I even got a little sunburn on Sunday - not a bad one, but it was hot enough to sit out with pantlegs rolled up and socks off! Hopefully you'll get those days soon!!!

  2. Ugh, more snow. There should be a law against snow after Tax day. I'm just sayin'.

    Maybe sending Bruiser to preschool will work. All that peer pressure.

  3. That e-card is funny - and yes, I think it could apply to dishes and laundry, too. ;)

    Cool that you got a Kindle Fire HD! The hubby got me one for Christmas and I love it - Princess Nagger is jealous of it, though I gave her my Kindle Fire. Now she wants HD and can't wait until I get a different/new one later so she can get her hands on my HD permanently. ;)

    Preschool just might be the magic button that gets Bruiser 100% potty trained - I know it was certainly the motivating factor for Princess Nagger when she was resisting the whole potty training mode. :)

    3-7 inches of snow? You guys sure have been getting a lot of that white stuff, haven't you?

    Time sure does fly by way too fast - I keep forgetting not to blink, too.

    April Produced Lots of Things to Smile About – Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel

  4. Wow, 10! That's crazy. And yeah, I may as well just stop cleaning. But my family already thinks I am insane so...

  5. I heard more snow! Ugh! We are getting more rain in a couple days. 80s right now.

  6. Wow, happy almost birthday to Turbo! Crazy how time flies. So sorry about your snow! I would love to trade you, just for a week or so. It's so hot here and I'm miserable. Pregnant + heat = Bleckkkk.

  7. Potty training has its ups and downs. I think by the time I was able to get our kids to learn how to wake up during the night to go to the bahroom then everything just fell into place. Each child has his/her own schedule to figuring this out, unfortunately. lol

    In two days, my baby will be 19 and I always go down memory lane thinking about the day he came into this world. It seems like only yesterday.

    Thanks for hopping over this morning. It's always great to connect with a friend.

  8. I can not imagine still getting snow! I hope you get some nice weather that sticks around soon!


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