Monday, April 8, 2013

What a Lovely Weekend

So this last weekend was interesting.  Parts were fun, parts were less than fun.  And now the weather has gone all to pot to boot.
Friday evening we relaxed and enjoyed a bit of wine and I started laundry. Dinner was late but we had a yummy beef lo mein homemade.  It was a hit with 75% of the people in the house.
Saturday morning Nick woke up with a head cold.  Bruiser kindly shared what he had last week.  I still got to go shopping and a friend came over and helped Nick ride herd on the kids. We did get an extra kid because our cousin's daughter had a sleepover with five little girls and T had a better time sleeping over here.
Shopping was fun--exhausting, but fun.  I hadn't been shopping with this friend before and I had not realized that shopping was such an event.  She takes her shopping seriously.  It was fun because there were lots of clearance sales, really good sales.  I like getting stuff for way less than the original price.
Sunday dawned rather earlier than I wanted it to. Bruiser was up at 6:30am.  Insomnia had come to visit in the middle of the night, so I was really not ready to get up, but up I was. I fed the boys breakfast, and then went and got Nick McDs sausage muffins.  He spent most of the day on the couch resting and trying to get better.
I spent the day finishing laundry and trying to keep up with the dishes. I am amazed at how the dishes multiply. I swear that I get them all done only to turn around and find half a sink full again.  It's like some kind of irksome magic. I did get a nice nap though.
This morning came all too early.  Nick is still sick and Bruiser was a crying mess at daycare drop off.  Get that kid off schedule and it all goes to pot.  He'll be better tomorrow.
ANd as for the weather, well we have a 70% chance of snow/rain today, 100% chance of snow tonight, and 90% tomorrow.  From 9 to 14 inches in town.  This could be interesting, if it does what the weathermen say it will. I must admit, I have my doubts.  Who knows, tomorrow I might have snow pictures to share.  These poor flowers dont stand a chance.
How is your Monday going?  Was your weekend good, bad or indifferent?


  1. Ours was good. Didn't really do much; grocery shopped, cooked, cleaned, read a book. Actually, it was pleasant. I'd love to have more like it.

  2. You'll have to go out and take a picture of those flowers in the snow!

  3. I had a mostly low-key weekend, but I'd also call it lovely! I watched hockey with my ma on Friday night, got my tires changed on Saturday and did a few groceries, hung out with the fam and had a spaghetti dinner before heading out with my brother and his wife to a Mixed Party for friends of ours. Sunday was church and more family time! All in all - a perfect weekend!

  4. What weekend? Did I miss it? LOL


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