Wednesday, April 17, 2013

WWTK--Would You Rather...Edition

It's Wednesday, at least I'm told it is. I've been out of it for a few days.  I'm going with it.  We Want to Know Wednesday is a Would you Rather run of questions.

1.) Would you rather… go out to eat or make a nice meal at home? It depends on what we are having. Somethings are better at home--especially since our restaurant options are somewhat limited.

2.) Would you rather… drive or fly? Again it depends on where we are going.  Florida demands flying, South Dakota demands driving.  Truthfully, driving doesn't bother me.  I love a good road trip. Flying, though, for us usually means a beach and beaches are very nice, especially with cabana boys and fruity rum drinks.

3.) Would you rather… go to a sporting event or watch it on TV? Um, watch on TV.  Not a huge sports fan, so watching from home means I can do other stuff while the sports are on TV.

4.) Would you rather… read a book or watch TV? Given time, read a book.  But a good movie does provide nice family time.  When I read I tune out so it's not really conducive to family time.

5.) Would you rather… go to bed early or sleep in late? I would rather sleep until I wake up on my own.  I tend to go to sleep later and wake up early out of necessity. Sleeping later would be nice, but since
I am the alarm clock, I get up early.

Now go see what the other linkers chose by visiting Kensie and Scriptor.

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  1. I totally feel the same about sleep - I wish I never had to wake to an alarm (or that my body didn't act as an alarm) - I'd like to just wake up on my own time.

    I also love a good road trip... just not one that's too long. I'm good in a car for six or seven hours - I can get psyched up for that. The time I went to Midland, MI with my brother for a ball tourney, the drive was 12 hours and that was too long for this kid!!

  2. There's something to be said for the Americana-ness of a road trip.

  3. With the kiddo, I'm totally down for going to bed early AND sleeping in :-)

  4. We are road trip people too. Though I do fly a lot for work.

    And, dinner at home.

  5. dinner out is always nice and i would totally rather fly

  6. I'm also the one who has to get everyone up or in the dogs case let them out and back in when they wake up int he morning. The idea of sleeping till I wake-up without any interuptions is just to good to be true.


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