Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Random Thoughts-Spring is Never Coming

Hello from the land of cold and snow!  Not a lot of snow, but it is still falling from the sky.  I should be used to spring arriving late, but this year the snow we are getting is coming with winter like temps.  It was 12 degrees this morning. That's just cold.
Anytemps, on to the random:

  • Bruiser is healing up well from his surgery.  Giving him two baths a day to aid in that is kind of a pain when we have to be out of the house early.  Thank goodness that we only have to do that until tomorrow.  once it's all healed up it on to the rest of potty training.  Yes, we are still fighting that battle.
  • I hate spring weather changes.  They bring me migraines.  I'd love to be able to remove the side of my head that hurts and come get it later when it feels better.
  • We sat at the table yesterday and played Clue, all four of us.  It was nice until the third game and Bruiser threw a fit when he didn't win.  We do modify the rules when playing with him, but, at four, he's still in the I wanna win stage.
  • Legos take over the house.
  • I need more chocolate.
  • I so need a sunny day to go for a drive.  Just to be able to go look at nature--get out in it and feel the sun again.  Mother nature is not feeling generous right now.  Instead we are redoing January/February.  Wish mother nature had gotten it right the first time.
  • Do you ever get hit by a craving for snack food--chips, crackers, nummy munchies?  They are so bad for me, but taste so very good.  Even Bruiser asks for crunchy snacks. Yum, chips.
  • I truly think cabin fever has hit us hard.  We are all a bit snappy. Come on weather, give us something nice for a change.

That's all the random my brain can come up with this week.  Go see Stacy for more.

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Seriously Shawn


  1. Every now and then I do want really salty snacks, but not as much as I used to. I usually eat something like Wheat Thins.

  2. Sorry about all the snow. glad to her Bruiser is getting better.

    Have you had a doctor look at your sinuses? I use to get migraines all the time. I had an out-patient procedure on my sinuses about 10 years ago and have had very few since.

  3. Oh man! All my wishing for snow (and not getting it) all winter must have jinxed you. Sorry about that. Here's hoping actual spring weather shows up for you soon!!

    I have the same issue with sinus troubles in the spring (even though I supposedly don't have allergies - though I've been told if you've never had allergies move to PA and you'll get 'em. *le sigh*). I might have to check into what Michele mentioned so I'm not jonesin' to give myself a lobotomy to rid the pounding in my head. ;)

    Glad Bruiser is healing well - two baths a day would definitely be a pain.

    Jennifer Lawrence Can Do No Wrong, Neil Diamond’s Generous Soul, Auntie Anne’s Fun: Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel

  4. I always crave crunchy snacks, especially chips and pico de gallo. My absolute weakness. Mexican restaurants are so dangerous for me!

    Glad Bruiser is healing up.

    I am secretly so excited to have an excuse to play with legos soon. :-) But I am hoping to avoid stepping on them. OUCH!

  5. Glad to hear Bruiser is recovering well!

    I miss playing Clue... We used to play it all the time when we were kids, but we ran out of the sheets you had to write your stuff on, and never replaced them... so we haven't played it in years! I should dig it out...

    Oh chips. I can so relate to the love of crunchy snacks. I can't keep 'em in the house, they are my biggest weakness!!!

  6. so happy to hear bruiser is healing well and you can never have to much chocolate


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