Monday, April 29, 2013

We So Needed That

I think I'm ready for Monday.  We had a really nice weekend and we really needed a weekend that felt like a weekend.
Friday evening we got home and it was nice out--like 65F in our backyard.  We went out and enjoyed it.  Turbo claimed to be bored.  We gave him a gardening job to do.
Cleaning leaves out of the backyard gardens.

Then Bruiser had to have a job to do too.
Washing off the table.

It was so nice we even had dinner outside on the deck--our first for the year.
Chinese Take out, out.

Turbo loves Lo Mein.
Saturday morning, after having breakfast we dropped the boys off with Papa and Nana and headed out to Ft. Collins, CO.  It's about an hour away.  We did some shopping--I got a Kindle Fire HD and then the hunt was on for a traditional Archery bow for Nick.  He has a very nice compound bow, but needed a newer, better sized for him, recurve or long bow.  We hit three stores before he found one he wanted.  In the process we found a great archery shop and we will definitely be back there for the supplies we need.  The archery shop we had in town closed last year.
Saturday afternoon we went and hung out with our cousins for a bit, and then home to watch some movies.  All in all a wonderful Saturday.
Sunday started out with Nick and Turbo going to the archery range and shooting.  When they got home, I headed out to get the grocery shopping done.  After that, Nick brewed up a batch of beer, I played with my Kindle and the kids played some video games. Nick had his traditional league Sunday evening but he got done with that fairly early and we watched another movie after he got home.
it was a wonderful weekend. The weather was in the 60s all weekend, only light wind, a few clouds but nothing fell out of them.  We couldn't have asked for anything better.  It's supposed to go all the pot on Tuesday, but the weekend was lovely.
After all that, I got up and ran a half mile this morning.  First time I have run since October. It didn't feel as bad as I thought it would.  I'm not as out of shape as I thought I would be.
Now on to talk to Turbo's class about geology. They have studied it and now, since we are geologists  they wanted us to come talk to them about it.  We figure we will let the kids ask questions and go from there. It should be interesting to say the least.

So how was your weekend?  Hopefully it was nice, or at least interesting. Now to face the week. The presentation is looming.


  1. Oh you got a Kindle, are you loving it?
    Sounds like you had a lovely weekend.

  2. Hooray for nice weather! We got rain most of the weekend, but now it is nice again. So what's a traditional league?


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