Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Random It Up

So, Tuesday.
Not Monday.
Already better than yesterday, just on general principal.
It is time to random things up here.

  • Sick little boys are no fun.  Bruiser has been sick for the last couple of days.  A low grade fever, nasty little cough, runny nose.  Definitely a cold.  No fun for anyone.
  • Spring is trying to spring around here.  With it comes migraines due to weather changes.  Warm mornings and snowy afternoons.  Days when you need a coat and five minutes later you can be kickin it in shorts.  I love spring weather. (I genuinely wish there was a sarcasm font.)
  • Big Bang Theory really is funny.  So is Robin Williams stand up.  In a totally not appropriate for kids way on the Robin Williams.
  • The time is creeping nearer.  What time you ask?  Why, time to start running in the mornings. Still not a fan of the running, but it is easy to fit in the schedule and it does produce results. Totally wish I could fit something like swimming, but not until Bruiser is older.
  • We have been doing the eMealz menus again.  I didn't join up again, but we are using the menus from when we had joined up.  I suck at meal planning so this helps so much.
  • Turbo and I have been reading together. We are six chapters into Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. He reads a page and I read a page and I help him with the tricky words.  He actually chose to read the other evening over watching TV.  It made me so happy. I love reading and if I can get him to at least like it, well, I'll count that as a win.
And there you have my random.  Go see Stacy for more.
And join up with Shawn and Impulsive for Talk To Us Tuesday. no rules, just fun link up.
Seriously Shawn


  1. We caught an old Ellen Degeneres stand-up on Sunday and it was pretty funny, even for the kids.

  2. Booo, hate spring sickness. Hope your little guy feels better soon!!

  3. Awww! Sorry Bruiser's been sick - sick kids are definitely no fun, boys or girls. Though I think boys are worse because they're the biggest 'babies' when they're sick - especially when they are adults. ;)

    HA! I agree that Big Bang Theory and Robin Williams are really funny - but that RW is funny in the not appropriate for kids funny. ;)

    I love that you and Turbo are reading together - I miss doing that with PN since she's all about reading in solitude. For that matter, I prefer to read in solitude myself - which is a rarity around here lately. ;)

    Easter Fun, Forgetful Mind, Minecraft Craftiness: Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel

  4. Oh, Big Bang Theory is a huge hit in our home. Even the kid who hasn't watched it, knows the tag line, "Bazinga!". :-)

  5. I started Season 1 of Big Bang again this weekend. God, I love that show! And Robin Williams stand-up - especially the one where he talks about golf - is priceless!!

  6. Ugh...running. I've been going to the recreation center on campus lately. Can't say I really like it but I've been doing it. Sounds like we are in the same place with that.

  7. Poor Bruiser!!! I hope he gets better soon and it doesn't spread.

  8. not a fan of running but walking is fun and Emealz sound very interesting

  9. I've been meaning to start running but it is just too cold in the mornings!

    Hope Bruiser gets better soon!

    Wow you have a kids who likes to read, awesome! Wish I could say the same.

  10. Sick grown boys aren't fun either :-) And I love the Big Bang Theory! My husband is totally a watered-down version of Sheldon Cooper.


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