Wednesday, April 3, 2013

WWTK--Have a Laugh

Time to play along with Scriptor and Kensie for We Want To Know Wednesday.   This week is all about what makes you laugh:

1.) Did you get any April Fool's pranks played on you this year? Nope.  With it being Monday and Bruiser being sick, we just didn't do any pranks.  We got Turbo last year by telling him he overslept and it was a school day.
2.) Do you take well to jokes of this nature or no? Depends on the joke.  As long as it's in fun and not mean spirited I do OK with them.
3.) What makes you laugh? Robin Williams stand up, Dear Blank Please Blank, Bruiser on occasion, Redneck comedians.
4.) What movie did you last laugh at? Robin Williams Weapons of Self Destruction.
5.) What is your favorite funny movie? Police Academy or Airplane, just about any Mel Brooks movie. I like old skool humor.

Now grab the questions from  Scriptor and Kensie and join in the fun.
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  1. Yup, the older comedies seem to be the best!

  2. I love old comedies, too - and actually now I'm longing to see some of those old ones! You've also got me wanting to steal my brother's copy of Robin Williams comedy. lol!

  3. Yes, yes, as to Airplane! And any Mel Brooks movie...Blazing Saddles, them all :-)

  4. Robin Williams always makes me laugh. Love his stand up especially!

  5. Oh, I love Robin Williams' comedy movies. Great choice.

  6. Mel Brooks movies are hilarious!

  7. I love Robin William's movies, and Mel Brooks movies!! Not to mention redneck comedians crack me up too :D
    Thanks for linking up with us!

  8. Police Academy was a great movie!

  9. OMG, Police Academy!!! LOVE!


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