Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring? What is this Spring You Speak of?

OK, so it's Tuesday. And it's snowing. Yes, spring is delayed in these parts.  See:
View from work.

So that's what we woke up to this morning. Not exactly bunnies and sunshine is it?
Now on to the random:

  • It is rather fun to watch the harry Potter movies as a marathon.
  • As a matter of course, boys tend to rough house a lot. It's tough on the furniture.
  • I'm so ready to get my hair trimmed.  I'm trying to grow it out some--longer than shoulder length but not nearly as long as it was before I had Turbo.  It was almost waist length then.  Of course, next week just before I go get it trimmed, it will look awesome.  Right now it looks less than awesome.
  • I've been experimenting with makeup.  It's going OK, but I now remember the part I don't like about it.  It's a total pain to wash it off every night. I'm kind of lazy and don't tend to wash my face at night.  I usually do it in the shower in the morning.  With makeup, I can't wait until morning. It's a pain, but on the plus side, I found a foundation that looks good with my skin tone. Now for a good lipstick or tinted lipbalm...
  • Have you ever gotten a yen for something, but can't find it anywhere?  I really want some cute black boots.  Not tall ones, ankle boots.  However it is totally the wrong season to be looking for black boots.  It's all sandals now.  Sandals do me no good currently.  Patience is not my strong point. Next fall the hunt is on.
  • Nick has been sick.  Bruiser was generous with his germs.  Poor Nick is currently a hacking, coughing, mess.  
  • The end of the week we have to take Bruiser in for a procedure.  He has to be put under general sedation and everything.  I'm a bit nervous.  The waiting will be the hardest part. Think about us Friday morning.
  • And the random this week seems to be rather me centered.  Eh, that's the way it works sometimes.
And there you have my random.  Go see Stacy for more.
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Seriously Shawn


  1. I bought these little wipes that take your make-up off and they are more effective than soap. I think Olay makes them. I recommend. :)

  2. Augh! No sleeping in makeup! :-)

    And the snow...yuck. I don't blame you for totally being over that.

  3. I'm lazy when it comes to make up to. And I think I'll take your snow any day over our chance of tornadoes today and tomorrow!

  4. I hear you on waiting for Spring! We have a dinner reservation an hour away for my mom's birthday Friday night and it's supposed to snow 10 cm. Ugh.

    For a lipstick/balm, have you ever tried Revlon lip butter? It's my favourite. I've always felt lipsticks were too bold for me - I put them on and take them back off. But the lip butter is more just like a tinted lip balm, and it comes in many colours. I wear it in Peach Parfait, I think it's called - just a hint of colour and keeps my lips nice & hydrated!

  5. I love the Harry Potter movies. I can't wait til Piglet is old enough for me to throw him a Harry Potter themed party. I hope it's still popular by then-I can't imagine that it wouldn't be! We'll be reading him the books as soon as he's old enough to understand them.
    I can't believe you have snow still. So crazy!

  6. You're still ensconced in winter in the spring, and we've completely skipped spring and moved into summer heat - I actually had to put the A/C units in the bedroom windows so we can finally get a good night's sleep tonight (since the last two nights it was literally Hell at 78 degrees. 10 degrees or more too hot for me for comfort sleeping). :)

    It is fun to watch the Harry Potter movies as a marathon, isn't it? We started watching them for Friday Night Family Movie Night, but have slacked off - I think we have 2 or 3 of the HP movies left to watch...now I'm jonesin' to do Family Movie Night again so we can! :)

    My hair was recently back to almost waist length but my last trim she accidentally took off a couple of inches instead of just a trim - luckily it grows fairly fast (for now) so it won't take long, but I was a little bummed she took way more than I anticipated. Hope your trim turns out perfect! :)

    I'm terrible about not taking my makeup off at night - but I don't wear foundation at all, just eyeshadow and mascara... If I take my eye makeup off at night, my eyes get all puffy - if I leave it on and take it off in the morning, no puffy eyes. Go figure! Claire's recommendation for the Olay wipes (or something similar) is a great recommendation - that's what I use, too. :)

    I love cute little black boots! What size do you wear? I have a pair that I've never worn but are a tad too narrow for my wide feet. You can have them if they're your size - they could tide you over until fall if you want. ;)

    Monday Madness saved by Twitter Honor, Menopausal Mother Nature and Doppelgänger Fun: Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel

  7. I've never read or seen any Harry Potters. Isn't that strange for an elementary teacher?

    I am horrible with patience. I would have already searched online and bought some. I really am trying to work on having more patience.

    I hope the procedure goes well. I know how you feel. Prayers for you guys!

    Thanks for linking up with Shawn. I haven't opened my laptop since Wed. Commenting from my iPhone is NOT ideal but its what I can do for now! The boxes are thinning out!! Woo hoo!


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