Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spin Cycle--Spring hasn't Sprung Yet

So Gretchen is all aobut spring for the Spin Cycle this week.  She claims it's been spring for a while now.  I got a taste of it when I was out there a couple weeks ago.  It was nice to see green and flowers and leaves on the trees. Here it is decidedly not so green.  We do have indications that spring is coming:
The tulips are trying.

There are some very brave flowers trying to prove that spring is coming:

But the trees and bushes won't have leaves for another month.

The grass is starting to green up but there will be more snow this year. It's inevitable.
And that is what spring looks like around here right now.  There is a promise, but Spring won't really spring for another couple of weeks to a month or more.  The trees will get leaves in May.  The cherry trees and apple trees will bloom the end of April, beginning of May.  Spring is slow to come here.

Now go see Gretchen for better looks at spring.  It's still a bit depressing around here.
Second Blooming


  1. It takes some parts of the country longer to spring up. We've been in spring-like weather for a month or so but than we are in east Texas. That makes a huge difference.

  2. No flowers here! We just had the snow finally thaw. I'm sooo ready for spring!

  3. Poor little tulips! And the valiant little iris. I will not send you pictures of all our green and make you feel bad.

    You are linked!

  4. Wow! Flowers already blooming! Our snow still isn't completed melted... Tulips are starting to poke out from the ground, but it feels like spring is still a long way off here too. It's been so cold & windy this week that it probably makes it all seem worse! haha!

  5. we have been having warm spring weather but my yard still looks like winter is here. the only thing growing is weeds right now i so have to get a move on with some yard work

  6. Our spring sprung for 3 days. Now we're back to fall.

  7. Fall because it's raining. Not super cold though. :)

  8. Those are so pretty, the house we live in now is lacking my green thumb powers. Wish they lasted longer.

    Have a Happy Wednesday :)


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