Friday, April 19, 2013

Time For Confessions

It is a very appreciated Friday around these parts.  Not that I worked very hard this last week. I made it in for two of the five days. Colds will kick you when you're down. Anyway on to the confessions:

  • Watching a kid play Minecraft is incredibly boring.
  • Have you ever gone out to start your car so it could warm up and then spent 20 minutes looking for the keys so you could leave?
  • No, never?
  • My mom did that yesterday.
  • It's almost as good as looking for the sunglasses that are perched on top of your head.
  • I think I want a Kindle Fire HD.
  • Eventually.
  • Maybe my birthday.
  • Nick and I need some adult time away from the kids.
  • We have been sort of kid trapped for a while now.
  • Maybe we need to run away.
  • I am starting to stress about a workshop I have to present at in May.
  • The beginning of May.
  • Like in threeish weeks.
  • It's the same talk I gave in January.
  • With a bit of added material.
  • Not exactly thrilled about it.
  • On the plus side it is a couple of nights away from the kids with Nick.
  • He's presenting too.
  • And work is paying.
  • But still, a presentation.
  • Blech!
So hope you have a great weekend.  Mine will be filled with laundry, little boy haircuts, grocery shopping, and maybe a bit of reading. May your weekend be more fun than mine.

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  1. I hope you guys enjoy your trip away together, even if it is work-related...something to look forward to!

    Have a great weekend!!

  2. Time away from the kids is absolutely necessary; I wish you luck!

  3. adult time I have no clue what that is and i to want a kindle fire

  4. I got a Kindle Fire HD. :) SHHH.

  5. You'll do great with your presentation! And it's adult time, so that's always a bonus!

  6. Colds suck!
    I had to laugh, I've looked for my cell phone while talking on it the entire time. It takes talent!

  7. love this post! your funny! but yeah my weekend is going to be the same as yours!

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  8. Are you coming down to Texas again? Don't worry about the presentation, you'll do great!

  9. Oh, I hope you're feeling better.

    I haven't done that with the keys, but I have searched the house for my cell phone while talking to someone on it. LOL.

    Thanks for joining the Friday Confessional party. Have a fabulous weekend.

  10. Lucky! You will make it through your presentation just fine, and as a reward some along time with hubby!


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