Friday, April 5, 2013

Confess, I Should

So it's Friday and time for Friday Confessions.  Woo hoo!  I thought Friday would never come.  It's been a  long week.

  • I have picked up a posting troll.
  • Or is it a spammer?
  • All I know is someone is hitting old posts with spammy comments.
  • About herbal supplements for improving testosterone in men.
  • Yeah, like I need to improve the testosterone in the house.
  • Can you block someone from posting comments?
  • It's getting a little annoying.
  • And this person is only hitting old posts.
  • Does this mean I've arrived as a blogger?
  • In other confessions, I get to go shopping with other girls this weekend.
  • I only know one of them.
  • But it should be fun.
  • It's shopping after all.
  • And I'm not going with my mother.
  • This does mean that I need to fit laundry in around the rest of the weekend.
  • And I have to grocery shop tonight.
  • All things I'd usually do on Saturday.
  • I'm pretty sure it's worth it.
  • Bruiser is better.
  • I'm hoping that my mom will take him outside today.
  • He needs some fresh air.
  • And if the weather people are right, we will be getting snow next week.
  • This is why the bugs don't get big here.
  • If I keep reminding myself of this it's easier to deal with the snow.
Go join up with your confessions with Aubrey at High-Heeled Love.
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  1. I ended up having to disable anonymous comments because I was getting so much spam on old posts. The robots drove me crazy. I hated having to do it, but it was getting ridiculous. My spam filter used to catch them all, but then they figured that out and their comments actually were being published. I was so ticked!!

    Have a great weekend shopping! Sounds wonderful!! & Definitely worth it :)

  2. I was getting so many anonymous comments that I instituted a catchya. It helped a lot but some people don't like to make comments with it turned on.

    Have fun shopping.

    Snow in April...ugh

  3. Definitely disable the anonymous comments. How annoying is that? Maybe it does mean you've come up in the blogger world. Either that or the word "testosterone" is coming up in people's searches.

  4. Wordpress is really good about catching those. I mean, for every 2000 spammy comments they catch, ONE might slip by.

  5. It's a spammer. I used to never get them and then one made it through and they all come.

  6. Snow??? No, thank you! We're ready for spring here!

  7. Snow??? Are you kidding? It is supposed to be 80 here next week!

    Enjoy shopping :)

  8. I agree with Jill. If you turn off anonymous comments, you'll probably screen out some of the spam. Also, enable comment moderation on the older posts.

    Glad Bruiser is feeling better.

    Thanks for linking up for Friday Confessional. Hope you had a fabulous weekend.

  9. Snow again?! Geesh, where do you guys live? We didn't have snow at all this year, just rain. We luckily don't get many bugs either.


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