Wednesday, May 1, 2013

WWTK--It's a Thin Line

Between honesty and dishonesty sometimes.  The questions for We Want to Know are all about those little things that everyone does but may not be exactly honest.

1.) You found a twenty dollar bill in the parking lot on the way into the grocery store. What do you do?  Honestly? Pick it up and pocket it, unless I see who dropped it.  There's no way to know who it belonged to.  Now if it was a large amount, say over a hundred dollars, that I'd turn in to hte customer service desk in the grocery store.

2.) Is it considered stealing to take pens from a bank? What about extra napkins or plastic forks from a fast-food restaurant?  I often take a pen from the bank--they have whole cups of them.  I also take extra napkins--they never put them in the take out bags.  I like to have them in the car for those emergency spills.  Not so keen on the plastic forks so I don't take those
3.) If you know about something "illegal" going on at your workplace but you are not involved in it, should you tell someone or do you stay quiet?  It really depends on what the activity is and who is doing it.  I'm pretty non confrontational so I'd probably ignore it.

4.) You accidentally scratch the paint on the car next to you in the lot. You know you got there after them so it is your fault. Do you tell them or leave?  I usually just leave--door dings happen.  Something more damaging, I'd fess up.

5.) You won the lottery - be honest - how much would you give to family members/friends? I give to family members--my mom and Nick's parents.  They've given us so much, it would be nice to give back.  My brother, no.  I wouldn't give him anything. I don't have much other close family so it wouldn't be an issue. Nick is a no brainer--we are married after all.

So grab the questions and link up.  Kensie and Scriptor would love to see you join in.

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  1. Good answers! Thanks for linking up.

  2. I agree with you on all of your answers. :)

  3. Yeah, we had pretty similar answers! It's a tough call on some of them... I consider myself a pretty honest person, but if $20 in a parking lot or a pile of napkins from McD's are considered stealing, then send me straight to hell. ;)

  4. I'm with you on the lottery thing. I'd give to my mom and our kids.

  5. You're an auditors nightmare! If you know someone is doing something illegal at work call the whistleblower hotline! You don't have to confront them but if they find out you knew and didn't do anything you could get in almost as much trouble as the offending party does.

    The rest? Yeah, I'm with you on those ones.

  6. yeah I also think that door dings happen.


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