Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Too Connected?

We Want To Know Wednesday and it's all about being connected. I am sort of not connected today, off field tripping with Turbo.

1.) How connected are you to your phone? Do you always have it on you? I try to have it with me.  When we got them it was for work, but now it's more so Turbo can get a hold of me.  It came in handy when a hanging plant fell and Turbo was a bit freaked by it.  Being under it when it fell didn't help.  He was able to call and I was able to calm him until we could get home.

2.) Would you be able to be away from your computer for an entire week? I was last summer when we went on vacation. It was kind of nice.

3.) If you had to get rid of one of the following, which would it be and why? Cell phone, computer, or TV? I get rid of the Cell Phone.  It's the one I'm least attached to.

4.) Do you think you could ever live "off the grid"? As long as I had access to books I could go off the grid.  the rest of the family might go nuts, but I could totally entertain myself with books.  I did it all the time I was growing up, so it is doable.

5.) Tell us about a time you disconnected from technology/the world and how you dealt with it. Was it good or bad? Well, like I said, last summer the lake we were at didn't have reliable internet and not so reliable cell service.  We were essentially disconnected for the week we were there. It was relaxing and really nice to let the boys play outside and to enjoy hanging out as a family.

Now you grab the questions and play along.
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  1. Well, I agree with you on all points. I could lose the cell phone...not books. I could also live off the grid if I had books. I do not feel connected, however, must be a weird time in my life. Great post!

  2. I would get SO much reading done if I lived in the middle of nowhere!

  3. When we went to Ireland for our honeymoon we were totally not connected to any technology. We made one stop right when we got there at an Internet cafe' and paid for 15 min of use, emailed our parents and said we were there safely, but for that whole week, nothing! And it was pretty nice, I must say!

  4. I kind of look forward to being disconnected for a short period of time - for instance, this summer when we go to my aunt & uncle's cottage, we don't get great cell service there, and they run off a generator so once the phone is dead, it's dead... It adds to the peace! But after a few days, I think I'll be ready to hook back up again with the real world. lol


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