Thursday, May 16, 2013

Spin Cycle--Furry Friends

Pets are the topic of the Spin Clcye this week--Furry or not.  I have always had animals around.  Various cats and dogs as I was growing up, and once I was out of the house, getting a cat was a natural decision.
Nick has also had animals--cats, dogs, rats--since he was little.  He tends to be more of a dog person, while I am more of a cat person, but we each appreciate both.  (Except the the "presents" they leave, neither of us like those.)
Currently we have one cat and one dog.  Guinness the dog and Piper the cat.  We also have several fish and Turbo claims four hermit crabs.  Quite the menagerie.
Guinness is a totally slightly neurotic collie mutt.  He sees us as his herd and he's never more happy than when we are all in the same place.  He's 12 now and a bit slower as he has arthritis in his back hips.  He is still game to go play, he just pays for it later.

Our other furry friend is Piper, our cat.  She is a total cat.  She wants attention when she wants it, loves to curls up on our bed (occasionally yakking on it too), likes sitting on the window sills, and like sneaking outside when she can. She's 15 now and you wouldn't know it by how she acts.  She loves to play blanket monster and will still bat balls of paper around.
She also thinks she's ten feet tall and can take on any cat in the neighborhood.  Which is fun when she fights through the window at them at 3:00am. The window above our bed.  Yeah, fun.
I love her dearly in spite of the annoying things she does, even her aimed puking abilities.

So there you have it, the furry friends we live with.  Spin up your own post on pets and let Gretchen know, she'll link you up with the Spin Cycle.
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  1. What sweet pets. We've had two herding dogs in the past and both like to make sure "the herd" was all together. It could be annoying and cute all at the same time.

  2. I like your black and white pet color scheme. I once had a roommate who had a collie, a beautiful boy named Lad. Every time we had a party, we'd suddenly realize that everyone was standing in the middle of the room because Lad would slowly walk around us, herding us into a cluster. It was wild.

    You are linked!

  3. your Piper looks like my Monster. He is 13 years old and is so active it's annoying! He totally devoted to Roy. Follows him all over the place, they even go the bathroom together!!

  4. I remember thinking when I was younger than you could never own a dog AND a cat, but clearly, that is a myth!

  5. I'm so not an animal person. I totally think Hermit Crabs are the best pets ever :)


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