Thursday, May 30, 2013

Spin Cycle--Best/Worst

So for the Spin Cycle Gretchen has given us Best and Worst (inspired by Elizabeth's post).  This one leads to some interesting thoughts:

  • Best: doing fun things with the family--road trips, dinner out, movie night, etc.
  • Worst: the crash after a fun time.  There is something about doing fun things that seems to cause a crash to bad feelings, bad behavior, frustration. 
  • Best: Turbo doesn't have to go to summer school this year.
  • Worst: Now we need to figure out what he's doing all summer.
  • Best: Finding an interesting new book to read.
  • Worst: Finishing it and having good book crash.
  • Best: The weekend is coming.
  • Worst: Getting through today and tomorrow.
  • Best: Having Turbo want us along on his field trips.
  • Worst: Bus seats.
  • Best: A good nights sleep.
  • Worst: insomnia.
  • Best: Wine
  • Worst: Well there is no worst to wine.
  • Best: These guys:
  • Worst: They keep growing up on me.
So do you have some best/worst scenarios?  Spin them up and join Gretchen for the Spin Cycle.
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  1. I keep forgetting that I need to make a summer plan for this boy! Hurray for no summer school. Hey, I keep thinking of you every time I see an ad for this new "Turbo" movie that's coming out soon!

    You are linked!

  2. I HATE finishing a book! It's satisfying yet depressing.

  3. oh man I hate good book crash. I miss reading books that aren't about how to raise a baby. ;-) Hopefully in a few months I can dive back into something good!


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