Thursday, May 2, 2013

Spin Cycle--Bucket List

This week the spin cycle is bucket lists.  What do you wnat to do before you "kick the bucket" so to speak.  I did a post on this last year, modified a bit so it was more a before I turn 50.  Let's revisit that list shall we?
Death Valley.
  1. Visit one national park a year. (Preferably ones I haven't been to yet.) We visited Death Valley over Spring break.
  2. Learn how to use makeup correctly. I'm working on this one.  I have foundation that looks right with my skin, still need a good go to lip gloss and I need to work on doing my eyes better.
  3. Swim in one of the great lakes. I put my toes in Lake Michigan last summer, I think that counts.
  4. Ride a gondola.
  5. Ride a scenic railroad.
  6. Go to a Broadway show.
  7. Go scuba diving.
  8. Learn to cook exotic food.
  9. Learn to surf or body surf.
  10. Learn to swing dance--with Nick.
  11. Ride a hot air balloon.
  12. Go zip lining.
  13. Visit the Smithsonian.
  14. Go to Mardi Gras.
  15. Go back to the Grand Canyon. We went back to the Grand Canyon over Spring Break--but I want to be able to go spend more time there.
  16. Visit the US Virgin Islands.
  17. Learn astronomy.
  18. Build a village around a model train layout.
  19. Learn about wine.
  20. Learn crochet--make a useful project. I have part of a project put together.  Need to do more.  Maybe next winter.
  21. Get a make over.
  22. Swim with dolphins.
  23. Eat lobster in Maine.
  24. See the Northern Lights.
  25. Visit a lighthouse.
Grand Canyon.

So, in the last year, I've knocked out five of these.  Not too bad. Now for the before I die list.  It includes everything up there plus:
  1. Visit all the National parks in the western US.  If we manage that then we can work in the eastern US.
  2. Be a campground host at a national forest campground for a summer.
  3. Drive highway one in a convertible.
  4. Visit a spa and be pampered.
  5. Visit the Smithsonian Museum.
Not a huge list and I'm sure it will grow.  And change.  That's the beauty of a bucket list.  It's very adjustable.

 What do you want to do?  Spin it up and link up with Gretchen.
Second Blooming


  1. Love your list... I've never actually sat down and made a Bucket List, but I have things in mind... Take a trip to Ireland, visit Graceland, buy a house...

  2. What a great list! I'm sure you'll get to all of them.

  3. Oh my God, I was at that dang book fair all day, and just realized that I never linked you!! SO sorry.

    Great list. Next time you come out here, we'll have to find a spa, then you and Nick can rent a convertible and drive up the 1. Two lifetime bucket list items crossed off in one trip!

    You are finally linked!

  4. Come visit. We can do the scenic railroad and then go and actually swim in Lake Erie. Knock out another two! This is a great list.

  5. Super list! And on a side note...when you go to Maine to eat lobster...I need to go in your suitcase! And...swimming in the Great Lakes is cold..just sayin'. Done that a million times and froze. Brrr..


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