Monday, May 20, 2013

Balanced Weekend

We came back, but for a while on Saturday Nick and I ran away from the kids, the house, and had some fun.  It wasn't much but after the winter spring we had, getting out and away can really make you feel better.
Friday afternoon we chucked work a bit early and I got a head start on the laundry and grocery shopping. Nothing exciting, exciting Friday nights abandoned us years ago. About ten years ago to be exact.
Saturday morning rolled around and Nick didn't wake up feeling good at all.  The kids went to Papa and Nana's for the morning and after a shower and some coffee, Nick felt better.  Better enough to head to Cheyenne.  We got to Sierra Trading Post and they had a tent sale going on of all the thirds and clearance and we got some great deals.
Then it was off to the archery shop with a detour to the new Sportsman's Warehouse.  It was packed so we didn't stay long.  We found the archery shop and then headed to the new Menards to see if we had won anything in the circular they sent out.  We had gotten $2, so not even worth waiting in line.  The line that was stretched around the store.  It was worse that Black Friday. We left.  Nick is not so comfortable in crowds and closed in spaces.
We went to get a new comforter and also hit Hobbytown and got Turbo a birthday gift.  Model  rockets should entertain him outside this summer.
From Bed Bath and Beyond, our new comforter

We had lunch and then headed home.  Papa and Nana were glad to see us.  They were tired after trying to keep up with the boys for the day.
Saturday afternoon we had cousins over for a sleepover. Everyone crashed in the living room and had fun watching old Muppet show episodes.

Sunday morning was breakfast, which Nick did up fabulously, and then the older boys and Nick went to shoot archery.
I finished the laundry, mostly folding, but I got it all done, even the sheets.  Tackled the dishes, and kept an eye on the boys.  Sunday was a day of not doing much.  Nick did do lots of outside work, but since we are getting rain (with a threat of snow) it was good that he did.
Sunday afternoon was relaxing, the only thing I would have liked to have gotten this weekend was a soak in the tub.  Maybe tonight.
How was your weekend?  Relaxing, busy, a good balance of both?


  1. Definitely not relaxing, a lot done! I heart Muppet Show old movies...those are so hilarious. Some of the older Sesame Street shows are like that, too. They put in a little for us adults so that we can get a good chuckle :-)

  2. Like your new comforter!

  3. Sounds wonderful. I love your new comforter. - I had allergies all weekend. Bleh.

  4. I love getting new bedding

  5. I think I need new bedding! Kind of jealous of your mini day away with hubby!


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