Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Time to Random

Having made it through Monday, it is now Tuesday.  That means it's time to random things up in here.

  • Mother nature has decided that we need some summer. Temps in the 70s. No wind. It's been really nice here.  All the plants and trees are sprouting green and threatening to bloom.  And just as they do it's gonna snow again.  That's just how things go here. Maybe we can get by with just a few rain storms.
  • It was nice enough here to need to get the hoses around to water stuff. Bruiser helped.

  • It has been nice so far--no bugs.  That won't last much longer.  Soon we will all be sporting eu de bug spray.  It's a lovely scent.  Better than the alternative of itchy bites.  Damn Mosquitoes.
  • This weekend will be pedicure time.  It's warm enough to take the toes out again.  They need their summer coat.
  • Poor Turbo got a cold this last weekend.  He's feeling better, but it's tough to be sick when it's nice out.  he avoided all the colds that ran through the house in April.  His number was up.
  • Turbo's birthday is coming up.  We really have no idea what to get him for his birthday.  He's still interested in Legos.  However, he's also asked for a phone (that one is an emphatic NO), thinks he might like an mp3 player (but what kind to get him), might like a scooter, would enjoy a science kit, would like video games (summer is coming, not the time to get indoor activities). He's not into sports so that lets out an entire category of options. We are thinking scooter and maybe a new bike helmet.  He says he's out grown his old one.
  • Why is it there's never anything worth watching on TV when the weather stinks, but let it get nice and all of a sudden there's tons of stuff to watch?
  • Nick is itching to go camping. I kind of am too.  May not happen for another couple weeks though.  A cousin sleepover this weekend, next weekend is Turbo's birthday, then maybe camping.
  • I have to dig out the flip flops.

That's all the random my brain can come up with this week.  Go see Stacy for more.

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Seriously Shawn


  1. Camping sounds nice. We keep kicking around the idea but we are total camping noobs; we have zero idea how to do it right!

  2. Mother Nature really needs a talking to, doesn't she? I'm not looking forward when it gets (and stays) sweltering - especially when the bugs start coming out enforce. Mosquitoes leave the hubby along, but dine like there's no tomorrow on PN and I. I think I need to eat more spicy and/or garlicky stuff - I'm pretty sure that's why they avoid the hubs like a plague. :)

    Bummer about Turbo catching a cold just when the weather decided to be nice for you! Hope he's feeling better soon!

    Turbo's interest are so much like Princess Nagger it's hilarious! She kept badgering for a phone, too - I ended up giving her my old phone (no cell service attached) just so she could have her own phone to play her favorite games/apps on. It will connect to the internet via WiFi which is all she needs for now. ;) I'm not looking forward to when she gets old enough for a 'real' phone with texting capability. :)

    I've noticed the same conundrum of nothing good on when the weather is crappy, but lots of great shows when the weather's too nice to sit and watch! :) That's one of the reasons I rely on Hulu+ and my DVR. :)

    I'm hoping that after we move back to the Pacific Northwest I'll get the hubby interested in camping - I love camping, our family camped every summer growing up so I'm acclimated to it. The hubby never did - so his idea of 'roughing it' is a motel room. :) I'm hoping to change that! :)

    Chilly Mother Nature, a Brainiac Field Trip, Smash and Touch Axed, 24 Revived and Once Upon A Time Gives Birth: RTT Rebel

  3. Isn't that amazing with the phone thing with young kids? My nephew saw me with mine and was like "oh I want one!" I looked at him and asked "for what? What would you actually use one for?" Same thing with my laptop. And the sad thing is...it only will get worse!

    DVR - that's the way to go :-)

  4. The weather around here is too cold, we haven't even started on the garden. and not camping weather... well I camp at the best western. So I can go anytime.

  5. I dug my flip flops out a few weekends ago, but we're back down to chilly temps this week. Even had frost this morning. *sigh*

    But at least the cooler weather has sent the bugs away for a few more days. They've already been out, the little pains!!!

  6. There's an unwritten law stating if the weather is bad television must be bad also. Hope you have a great day.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  7. I've been itching to go camping too. I'm not sure why. I think Emma would have fun. I think Drew would be high maintenance but I'd have help. Camp fire. Smores. Tent. Ok, maybe I'm not crazy about sleeping in a tent but I totally would. I'd rather sleep in a travel trailer but that's just pretend camping. Or is it?? Snakes can't disturb us in a travel trailer!

    Thanks for linking up!

  8. So I have to know. Do you tent camp or motorhome camp - only one of them is "real" camping. ;)

  9. Hope Turbo is better by now. Our weather is still sucky! It is cold and wet. Still have not been able to pack away our winter clothes. We get the odd warm day and then it all goes to hell, or I should say, arctic levels again.


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