Thursday, May 23, 2013

In the Army?!

Yesterday was Turbo's field trip to the National Historic site of Fort Laramie. The fourth grades here learn about Wyoming history all year and then get to go on several field trips to visit some of what they ahve learned about.
Last week we went an saw Fort Casper and the Interpretive Trails Center.  This week it is Fort Laramie and next week we are off to register cliff and a state park.
As soon as the kids got off the bus they were lined up and marched off for uniforms.
All the kids, decked out.

My little soldier.
They were then sworn in and marched off to see the barracks.  After time there they were shown the officers quarters, the mess hall and then we headed to the general store.  All this while marching in rows and following directions.
Presenting on army life in the late 1800s.
All the fourth graders had presentations to give.  Turbo's group went first.
After presentations were over the recruits were marched over to receive their fire arms.  Nice pretend replicas sized for them to carry.  They were taught some commands and maneuvers with the guns and marched off to see more of the grounds, like the prison.

After the prison, it was lunch time and we gave back the uniforms and went to eat.  Then it was time to help them fill out the workbook that is available to kids at Fort Laramie.  For filling out the book, turbo got a nice little badge and he will get one next week when he finishes the workbook on that field trip.
It was a very fun day and a wonderful way for the kids to get a taste of what it was like back then. And Turbo looked adorable as a soldier.


  1. Very cool! I am sad I left Casper just as you got up there. LOL. I think those field trips are most excellent for the little ones and learning history.


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