Friday, May 31, 2013


Turbo turned ten on Saturday.  Ten.  Double digits. A preteen. Ten years ago they gave a  newborn to two very inexperienced people and told us to take him home.
We were so young. Now we are older and for a couple more years, still considered smart by Turbo.  This will change.
Turbo is a wonderful boy. He's smart, kind, fun, active, an expert Lego builder, and all round great kid.  We get confirmation of this from the oddest places sometimes. He loves his brother, but gets annoyed like any older brother should. He loves Legos, video games, swimming, archery, camping, hanging out with his friends and being a boy.
He's come a long way.

I am loving watching, guiding and nurturing this boy as he grows up.  Turbo, may you continue to find the wonder in life and attack it with enthusiasm.


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