Monday, June 3, 2013

Rockets, Details and a Weekend

So I have come to the conclusion that weekends need to be longer.  This last one was full, felt like a weekend, it just could have used another day.
Friday evening we relaxed and introduced the boys to the classic A-Team TV show.  Turbo is hooked, he loves it. Bruiser is less into it, but he's little still. there will be more A-Team in our house.
Saturday started out slow.  Wonder of wonders, I slept in.  All the way to 8:00 am.  Yes, that is sleeping in around here. After getting trapped in a check out line at Walmart, then getting the rest of the groceries taken care of, I got laundry going and then detailed the car.  It's something I like to do in the spring/early summer.  Cleans the vehicles up and gets them ready for the summer road trips. I attack with Armour-All and Windex and the vacuum. Clean, nice smelling, shiny vehicles after a bit of elbow grease.
Saturday, Nick helped Turbo put together the model rocket we got Turbo for his birthday.  Saturday evening we had to go launch it.  After a bit of trouble getting the launch button to work, off it went and Turbo fell in love with model rocketry. There was  minor casualty--a fin fell off on landing but some glue and an overnight dry time it was ready to launch again. Turbo launched it twice on Sunday morning. The same fin fell off again the second landing, so better glue may be needed.

The two videos are of the countdown and one of the launches. Pretty cool all around.
I finished the truck detail on Sunday as well as the laundry.  We smoked some fish, watched the neighbors have a yard sale, and basically hung out.  Sunday was relaxing.
Overall, it was a nice weekend, I just could have used more of it. Especially before Monday rolled around.


  1. I like cleaning the cars too. Cool rockets; my kids have been asking to get some.

  2. Wow, you are crazy busy on the weekends! T loves detailing the cars...not me :-) It's just hard to find enough time in the weekends, you know?


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