Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesday Randoms

And we made it through another Monday. This one was better than the last one anyway. And now it's Tuesday and time for the random party!
  • This little post right here is my 1000 post.  Not really sure what to feel about that.  Excited some, mostly surprised I have had that much to say. Looking forward to the next 1000. 
  • Squirt gun battles have been big at our house.  Bruiser loves to sneak up on his dad.  Turbo loves getting a good ambush in.  Wet fun for all involved.
  • The Fourth of July is sneaking up on us. We are taking a long weekend and going camping.  Along a river--splashing and floating on a raft are in our future.  So looking forward to getting out of town. An even bigger bonus is that Fourth of July weekend is not laundry weekend for me. Score!
  • Hair cuts for my shaggy boys:

  •  They totally needed a haircut.  Of course Turbo went for the classic buzz cut. He misses his hair, but is getting used to it being gone.
  • Still not much improvement on the potty front with Bruiser. He starts preschool this fall, so maybe that will motivate him to get with it.  Nothing else has.
  • Sadly, we still feel like we are on the merry-go-round and it just keeps speeding up.  I really want off the ride. Does it ever slow down?
So that's my random for the week. Go see Stacy for more.

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Seriously Shawn


  1. Congrats on 1000! Great haircuts too; they look so dapper. Have a great Fourth! We have no plans... yet.

  2. We have no plans so far but than it is not a long weekend for JR. Whatever we plan will have to be close to home.

  3. Woohoo for 1000 posts! Awesome!!

    I wish the merry go round would slow down, too. Not that it isn't fun... just maybe going a bit too fast for my liking. -_-

  4. WooHoo! 1000 posts! I'm looking forward to reading the next 1000. ;)

    Squirt gun battles are the best, aren't they? Especially since it's been so hot lately. ;) The ambush usually happens here, too. :)

    Isn't it crazy how fact the 4th of July is sneaking up? We don't have any plans other than working on the house and packing, packing, packing. I know, exciting, right?? :) But next year, we'll be pulling out all stops and camping with my brother and friends out in Washington State. I. Cannot. Wait. :)

    The boys look stylin' with their haircuts! I bet Turbo will appreciate the buzz cut when it's hot. Plus it will always grow back. ;)

    I bet Bruiser will 'get it' once he starts Preschool and sees kids his own age going potty like big boys. We used to joke that Princess Nagger was going to be wearing diapers under her graduation gown in High School it took her so long to 'get it'. :)

    I'm SO ready to get off this darn Merry-Go-Round ride! Where's the off switch?! :)

    Smiles and Grins with 10 Things to Smile About June Edition by way of RTT Rebel

  5. The squirt gun fights sound so cute. I can definitely see those being in our future :-)
    Love the new dos on the boys. I bet they feel a lot cooler in this heat!

  6. Your 4th of July plans sound awesome!


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