Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Random Tuesday

Tuesday, I love you for so many reasons--you are not Monday, I can get all random, I didn't have to run this morning. Mostly the last reason.  And now on to the random:
  • Turbo has exactly two and a half days left of school this morning.  That's counting today.  Yesterday he has a picnic in the park.  Today he has a half day field trip to the mountains.  Tomorrow is field day and Thursday is a half day. Why did he go to school this week?  I'm not sure, but he's having fun.
  • Rockets are big in our future--good thing the smell of sulfur doesn't bother me too much.  Turbo had a blast (literally) launching the model rocket he got for his birthday.  Videos of the countdown and launch are here.
  • Plans are up in the air for this weekend.  We'd like to go camping, but other obligations might keep us home.  We have a couple of BBQ to go to and the timing might not work to camp.  I'd love to go, but...
  • Nick discovered Duck Dynasty last week.  He got totally sucked in.  
  • We got a new rug for our front room/dining room.  The old one was fraying at the edges and by fraying I mean strings of carpet coming loose all the freaking time. tying up the vacuum and stuff fraying.  The new one is nicer to walk on and fits nicely and will be great until we redo the floor in there.
  • I need to schlep the comforters from the camper to the laundromat.  King size comforters don't really fit in the machine at home.  Well, they fit (with encouragement), but don't come clean. Not a huge fan of laundromats.
  • Nick starts teaching next week. A course about geology to some teachers who are working on extended education. He's nervous and excited.  The pendulum swings between the two.  He'll do great, but this is his first time coming up with the curriculum all by himself.  Last time he filled in for a professor and just had to teach what he was told to teach. I have faith that he will do awesome.
That's all the random my brain can come up with this week.  Go see Stacy for more.

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Seriously Shawn


  1. I SO love Duck Dynasty, and I'm so sad to hear the rumor it won't come back! It's so easy to get sucked in.

  2. Isn't it crazy how the last few days of school aren't actually for learning? At least the kids get to do something fun to wrap up the year. :)

    I better not let Princess Nagger see that rocket launching - she'll want one! :)

    Frayed rugs are never fun to vacuum - glad you got a new one! :)

    I'm not a fan of laundromats, either - good luck schlepping! :)

    How exciting for Nick - I bet he'll do awesome, too. :)

    Summer Break Has Begun with Boredom Already Setting In, Teen Flip Flop Entrepreneur and a Cool Mascot: RTT Rebel

  3. I always wondered why my kids went to school at all the last week.

    Yay! For Nick. When I thought my masters seminar course I had to come up with the curriculum also. It wasn't easy and it wasn't perfect but the next time I taught the course it was much much better.

  4. We got a new area rug recently as well; love new things!

  5. I feel the same way about Laundromats. ugh. And bravo to Nick! He will do great, just like you say!

  6. Oh, I used to LOVE the last week of school! So much fun, and so little work to do! haha! Hope Turbo's loving every second!! :)

    Duck Dynasty...who can't be sucked in?! Oh, wait. My mom. She hates it and doesn't understand why I find it so funny...lol!

  7. Oh, we love Duck Dynasty-though some of the episodes feel a little scripted. I love Miss Kay and Phil. They crack me up.

    I need a new area rug in the front of our home, but with lil mr poop pants, I think I may wait til he's out of diapers first. ;-)

  8. My son and I got sucked into Duck Dynasty one day when he was home sick, but nobody else in the house is interested (they have NO idea what they are missing), so we haven't watched it since!

  9. Yay for a countdown to the summer holidays! We still have till the end of June.

    We love Duck Dynasty! & Swamp people!


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