Thursday, June 13, 2013

Spin Cycle--Just Relax

Relaxing is the topic of the Spin Cycle this week.  Relaxing has been on our mind recently.  The ride we are on seems to be quite frenetic at the moment. Has been since January. I really just want off the ride.  Or at least for it to slow down some.
So how do we relax?  Let me show you:
Enjoy views like this.

Throwing rocks in a lake is good.

Four wheeling takes a lot of stress off.

Again the views.

Splashing at the lake is a perfect relaxer.

Taking road trips with these guys--fun and mostly relaxing.

Any chance to stick our toes in the sand is good.
Family road trip!

The view (and the kid is pretty cute too)

Launching a rocket works.

Camping of course.

Can't forget the toasted marshmallows.
There will be more short trips this summer.  No really big trip, but that's OK, several small trips can be just as relaxing.  It's not a beach with sand, sun and surf along with cute cabana boys bringing me drinks while I read trashy novels.  That of course would be ideal. Maybe one day when small boys are more grown up.
Go see Gretchen for more Relaxing Spins.
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  1. aah relaxing sounds so nice right now! damn reality and bills that have to be paid

  2. Sitting in a lawn chair in a campsite watching kids play while enjoying a trashy novel. HEAVEN!

  3. Ah! This made me relax just looking at the pictures. SO jealous. And I think that a bunch of small vacations is even better than one long one!

    You are linked!


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