Thursday, June 20, 2013

Spin Cycle: Happy Happy

We are supposed to be happy and joyous this week on the Spin Cycle.  This one made me think.  I am generally happy, but identifying things that make me genuinely happy?  Those are harder to identify.
  • Bruiser makes me happy.  This morning he decided to wear his Bob the Builder overall shorts.  He sang the chorus to Bob the Builder's song to me.  He was so cute and the hug I got after he sang made me happy.
  • Watching my guys hang out and enjoy each other, without tears, screams or hits makes me happy. Turbo came up with the term belly slug for when either of the boys is lying on Nick as he lounges on the couch.  Bruiser makes a better belly slug than Turbo--it's a size thing. This makes me happy.
  • Getting time to read makes me happy.  Time is not as plentiful as it used to be, but I enjoy every moment I get.
  • Going for drives down bumpy dirt roads just to see where they go makes me happy. 
  • It also makes me happy that Turbo is really into the story I am reading out loud in the car.  He is excited about road trips because he gets to hear more of the story.
  • Fridays at going home time, I'm happy.  The whole weekend stretches out before me and it always looks so promising. 
  • Going camping makes me happy, but coming home from camping and showering--that is heaven. 
  • Sleeping in, even if it's only until 8, makes me happy.  I rarely stay asleep that long, and even rarer still do the boys let me sleep that late.
  • Getting appreciation from the guys in my house for a dinner they liked and actually ate without much prodding makes me happy.
  • Going shopping makes me happy--even thrift store shopping, maybe especially thrift store shopping.  It's new to me and if I can get it for next to nothing all the better.
Those are some things that make me happy.  Things that make me laugh are different. We love stand up comedians--Robin Williams, Bill Cosby, Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, Larry the Cable Guy, etc. We love to listen to them at the end of long road trips.  By the time we are both leaning toward cranky and laughing helps to ease the tension of a long day on the road.
Nick and Turbo have discovered Duck Dynasty.  Some of it I find a bit guy oriented, but there are times I will laugh at it too.  Big Bang Theory has the ability to make me laugh out loud frequently.  Especially when the humor goes over the kids' heads. 
Bruiser and Turbo make me laugh as well.  Bruiser comes up with things that strike me as funny all the time.  Turbo is developing a sense of humor and is getting better at delivering a line that is intended to make us laugh.  I find such joy in them.
My hubby makes me happy.  After 20 years together, he still finds me attractive, interesting and beautiful.  I find him attractive, interesting and fun to be around.  Good thing, since we are stuck with each other.
What makes you happy?  Spin it up and let Gretchen know and she will link you up with the Spin Cycle.
Second Blooming


  1. Great list of happiness. I love that you read to your family in the car. Such a great tradition! I laugh out loud at the Big Bang Theory too. Ever see the episode when Sheldon's barber ends up in the hospital and he's so upset because no one else has his "haircut records"? I just watched that one the other night, I think it's one of the funniest episodes ever. :)

  2. Belly slugs! I love it. And I agree, that shower when you first get home from camping? Heaven!

    You are linked!

  3. The after camping shower is bliss.

  4. I just love to find time to read! I'm jealous that you can read in the car; I get too motion sick. We listen to books on CD instead, and that helps to pass the time.

  5. I love to read and I love to camp! Two greats in Wyoming. BTW...camping anywhere else is just not the same.

  6. That is an awesome list. That is cool that you are reading to the boys in the car. I would be throwing up after the first page.


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